Author Topic: FPG IS ON for Friday (1/15)  (Read 205 times)

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FPG IS ON for Friday (1/15)
« on: January 13, 2021, 11:31:41 AM »
Hi everyone, just wanted to get a quick update out today.

As the header indicates, we are back for another great season of FPG this year. I wanted to start this up sooner, but between the site shutdown and the mess of last week, that did not happen. Rules are pretty much the same; I don't have a schedule in place yet, but know that I'm not planning a playoffs until we get more information about how long the season is. It's not worth it if we only get to do less than 10 games before we run out of shows.

Barring any premeptions this week, we are going to have a game this Friday. It should be fun seeing how these rotations have changed due to the pandemic and I eagerly await seeing everyone (including myself) throw their lineups in the trash.

I look forward to seeing you all again. I've missed this game and I hope this will be a fun season, regardless of length.