Author Topic: FPG 2/5/21 - RESULTS  (Read 187 times)

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FPG 2/5/21 - RESULTS
« on: February 09, 2021, 06:56:49 PM »
Well, we're a few days out from the big game, but the fact I've even getting this up is an accomlishment all on its own. Fairly tame theme wise and that's not a bad thing with how far in advance they taped. I think having Check-Out be your "casher" of the show with the NFL season tickets screwed a lot of people over including myself. I also remember Switch finally catching up on playings  and Tags as the SP/2nd car game did a number on a few lineups as well. But let's look at the instant replay:

That's Too Much - 5 picks. 3 people had it first, but no one had it for a win.
Flip Flop- 10 picks. A bunch of people had it second, I had it for a loss, no one had both. Plinkoman gets the lone PA monies of the game.
Check-Out - SANDBAG.
Make Your Move - 2 picks. Wayo and I both earn 25K. We both had it 4th, but I had it for a loss.
5 Price Tags - 3 picks. Kev, Wayo, and I each receive 15K. Again, Wayo and I had it 5th, but this time Wayo had it for a loss.
Switch? - 3 picks. Kev, dprice, and Hag each receive 15K as well.

Scores are a little low because of the limited picks, but most people scored and we have a nice little spread in the middle. I think I've found myself on a hot streak, I managed to win another game with 8/20. Wayo was pretty much on the same level with me for those two games and that's enough to net him second with 6/26. 3rd place is surprisingly low, but with 4/8, Kev was able to earn bronze.

Hopefully this week proves to be a little higher scoring, but thanks again for the good turnout and I hope you stick around for more. I don't know if we're going to be in the lovey-dovey mood for the Friday before Valentine's Day, but I appreciate the support. See you all then.