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FPG 2/12/21 - Me and My Galentine's Day Edition
« on: February 11, 2021, 11:13:15 AM »
Again, I don't know how far they'll end up theming tomorrow's show if even gets themed at all beyond couples. But Valentine's Day is around the corner and I feel like it's worth bringing up. I don't know who here participates in the event or cares about it, but it's certainly important to think about love, even if it's just self-love. I know we're all kinda stuck at home, but sometimes you just gotta enjoy the little things or find something that'll bring joy into your routine.

Anyway, submit your games (and your Play-Along pick) and I hope you like the show tomorrow.


SPOILERS: Nobody's spoiled the surprise yet, but you know the drill.

2/8/2021 (Monday - 9301K) Punch/ME/Any/DP/241/Grocery (car)
2/9/2021 (Tuesday - 9302K) Roo/Range/Spree/NoT/Gas/Math
2/10/2021 (Wednesday - 9303K) Side/Roll/Danger/Bar/Check/Rat
2/11/2021 (Thursday - 9304K) Switch/Bag/Dice/Balance/Key/DX
2/12/2021 (Friday - 9305K) 10th anniversary or His Girl Friday?
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