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The Price is Right: 123123123 style (S2, Episode 5)

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Hello everybody, its been a while, but yours truly is back to host another episode of TPiR!!

This show will consists of 4 pricing games and a gift exchange to detemine who gets a crack at the big showcase!

The perfect format, courtesy of TPIRfan#9821, for when you have enough material, but not enough patience for a full show  :-)

There might not be a overarching theme to this show as some of my previous ones, but as always there will be plenty of hidden jokes and laughs to be had.

In case anyone has forgotten, here are the rules

*Sign-ups will last for 72 hours (so it will start 3/4 around 5pm)
*Contestants will get a PM from me when they are called down or up on stage
*You will have 24 hours to submit your response
*The audience is allowed, even expected to help
*Above all else, have fun and relax

*Finally, to win a spot in the First Four, we've got a quick 30 second interview just like our parent source.
In 13 words or less (not including the obligatory "I'm in"), let me know the first place you'd want to visit once traveling isnt forbiddden anymore. Get creative, but remember I'm counting.  :-)

And with that, come one and all, join in the fun!

I would love to visit the UK because it would be nice.

I'm in! I'd like to visit the site our moderators bury banned members' bodies.

I'm in!

I'd go to Hell... Hell, Michigan that is. Not 2020 Hell.

I'm in! What's "Bob Boden's garage to relive Super Ball!!? " Then, "Call me down" for $800.


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