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The Price is Right: 123123123 style (S2, Episode 5)

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Simple anywhere out of the country or continent...

Normally, I would push back the start a day to let more people join, but since I can't start it tomorrow.....screw it, we'll do it live! We'll see how it goes


(camera pans over whole crowd}

{"Rasputin" starts blaring from the speakers}

Announcer: JhayPrice, come on out!!!

LiteBulb88, come on out!!!

JayC, come on out!!!

pathfinder20, come on out!!!

and geniusinmath, come on out!!!

You are the first four only five contestants on the Price is Right!!!

{loud cheering from video screen behind players}

And now your host, fully thawed out right before today's taping, 123123123!!!

{walks out of door 2}

1233: Hello everyone, it great to be back to host another episode of the Price is Right!!
Things have definitely changed around here, first we have a five person row for possibly the first time ever. Plus we have a virtual crowd helping and cheering our contestants on today.


Saying that out loud actually makes me feel like not too much has changed, here at least  :-)

Now for one thing that hasn't changed, Mr. Announcer, please let me know what the first item up for bids is today on the Price is Right!!

{GPT rises}

Announcer: First off today, we have a home office setup! {modeled by Rachel}

This 55 inch wooden desk has a minimalist feel to it and instantly turns any corner of your home into the perfect spot to either promote productivity or procrastinate professionally. We've also included this desktop assistant and ergonomic swivel chair to assist you while you get stuff done, definitely not to distract you further from your tasks.

{canned applause}

1233: Working at home is very en vogue right now for some reason. Now that desk will go to the one of you closest to the actual price without going over. Let's start with geniusinmath.

Bidding Order:
pathfinder20 ---------->
JayC ---------->
LiteBulb88 ----------------->


I am going to say $1303.

$927 please.


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