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The Price is Right: 123123123 style (S2, Episode 5)

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 8-O I actually won with that bid?! Wow! *heads up to the podium and notices 123123123 handing me a set of blue envelopes.* So my range is determined by these envelopes. Okay, I will choose C. *pulls the C envelope and hands it to 123123123.*


1233: Ok, now that we actually got you a podium to stand on, let's see how close you have to get.

{opens envelope C}

Well, the starts might just be lined up for ou today pathfinder20, because you've messed around and gotten yourself the $15,000 winning range for your showcase!!

{cheers from backstage}

Now, it's the moment we have been waiting for, the fabulous Showcases!!!

Take it away, Mr. Announcer!


Announcer: It's time to do an epic Powerpoint slideshow of "The Numbers Story: A Positive Reflection of the Past 12 Months". While it definitely hasn't been great, it's time to look at the good things that've happened since this studio was occupied last spring and narrated by yours truly! As always, there is absolutely no exaggeration or bull-honky to be found here :-)

{slide on door 4 changes, revealing our host sitting on a couch staring at an iPad}

The titular character 12 months ago was in the same situation as most of the world, locked away and longing for interaction. Other than family, the only escape was in television. That would explain why he (and now you  :-)) would be getting a Hulu +Live TV subscription for 2 whole years!!

{next slide, with host furiously google searching doomsday info}

As the days inside grew, our hosts sanity started to head south. The lowest point for them was probably when they were a single click away from order some less than necessary equipment. Fortunately, we made sure we followed through and got you this...

{door 2 opens}

...actual shelter house!!! {modeled by Rachel}

This 20' domed shelter house has a 40+ year lifespan, 312 sq. ft of living space and is somehow more spacious than my own apartment!!

{next slide, with host sweating bullets, knelt over and struggling to catch their breath}

After somehow watching everything worthwhile within 3 weeks, your host was determined to be productive in some capacity, so what better than getting outside and work your endurance with some running around the neighborhood? As you can see from the pic, they probably wish they had chose an easier path of productivity. I can't guarantee you won't be sweating, but I'll guarantee you'll look good doing it with...

{turntable turns}

...all these athletic goodies!!! {modeled by Amber}

First, we have this pair of waterproof trail running shoes that are also suitable for non-trail runs. Next, this 9 speed electric bike comes equipped with a 750 watt ultra-drive motor to keep you from actually pedaling. Finally, this fancy elliptical has a large 14" touchscreen, automatic trainer control and adjustable stride length!!!

{more applause}
{next slide, with host asleep with head on piano keys}

Soon, 123123123 was dabbling in things he didn't even know were interesting to him. They found a way to fix up their ancient piano keyboard and slowly spent long nights trying to learn some songs, to very minimal success...

{next slide, with host joyfully walking and playing the harmonica}

...but much more joy while learning the harmonica. Now we will give you a chance to see which one you like more by giving you both a keyboard and some harmonicas!! {modeled by Manuela}

{GPT rises}

First, this digital ensemble baby grand piano has 88 keys and is in a appropriate polished black finish. Also, this set of 7 blues style harmonicas sound great and stainless steel chrome covers!

{next slide, with host in laboratory, clumsily holding test tubes}

Finally, the freedom of being able to go back to work in the lab had never been so anticipated. The smell of heptane and acetone in the morning is always welcomed. Luckily enough, we were able to find a way to bring in a new instrument. And soon, you'll also have your own new instrument in...

{door 1 opens}

...this glass reactor!!! {modeled by Rachel}

This 100 L single jacketed glass reactor is perfect for all of your household polymerization needs and includes a feeding funnel, central stirrer and temperature probe!!!

{next slide, with host stranded on side of freeway with smoking car}

Now, slowly things have been improving, but our host's old beater of a car that was older than him, finally made its way to the pearly junkyard in the sky. While I cerainly couldn''t get a brand new car, I'm sure you'll enjoy the new version of the car our host ended up getting...

{car rolled out Lucky-Seven style}

...a brand-new HR-V!!! {modeled by Manuela}

This 2021 Honda HR-V AWD LX comes with all the standard equipment, plus all season protection and fashion packages!!!

{loud cheers and applause}
{next slide, with host dreaming of future summer}

Finally, with us seemingly past the year that was 2020, it's now time to simply look forward to all the possibilities of things we can do again this summer. Our host for one, can't wait to have cookouts again, so that's why we are handing you...

{door 3 opens}

...this hibachi grill!!! {modeled by Amber}

This cast iron hibachi grill has enough space to make 15 burgers at once, runs on liquid propane and comes with folding tables to allow for eating right next to the heat!!!

{loud cheers}

Now, while there might have been some undortunate events from the last year, it was nice to look at the good. And all this good can be yours if the Price is Right!!!!!


{loud cheers and applause from the crowd and speakers}

1233: What a showcase! Thank you Mr. Announcer!!

{arms open to the whole studio}

Everything you see here, pathfinder20, is yours. All I need from you is a bid that is within $15,000 of the total value without going over. Best of luck

{crowd suggestions}

Some of the items I have no clue to price whatsoever. * does some quick and dirty math* I am going to bid $75,891.


1233: Up on the board goes $75,891, now we will see how well you've done after these fancy line breaks

{lead in to commercial}

















{transition from break music}

1233: Now for the moment of truth, if your bid of $75,891 is within $15,000 of the price of your showcase without going over, you'll have all the virtual prizes on the stage right now

The actual price of your showcase is...

{slowly pulls tag}


{looks at tag}

{looks at pathfinder20}

{looks back at tag}

{moans and groans}

Ouch, so close to a big win, but just over. I still hope you had a good time.

And for everyone who made it out to the Numbers studio for the show, thank you and we hope you all had a great time!!

{credits start to roll}


Expected: 1/4 (Ten Chances)
Actual: 2.5/4 (Hot Seat*, Squeeze Play, Ten Chances)

Overall, it was nice to do another one of these for the first time in almost a year, but it will probably be another long whle before I do another. Once again, thanks to all who joined.


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