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July 4,1973 episode #0443D


Anyone know any information on how to get this episode/season whatever may have it? I can only find July 5,1973 #0444D the next day . My mother in law won a washer and dryer and lawnmower her name is Kris. She has been looking for this episode for years canít find it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA

Here is a recap of the episode taken from official records.

These records however, are known to contain mistakes, and it appears such is the case here. If your mother-in-law won a washer & dryer and a lawn mower, then she must have played the third game, Clock Game. In these records, it states that Gary played Clock Game and Kris never got out of contestants' row; but now we know this is false.

Did Kris also win a trash compactor too? Because that was the first prize in Clock Game and it had to have been won if she also got the washer & dryer. She also appears to have made it to the Showcase round as the top winner but did not win her showcase, which included a Volkswagen.

Since this episode did not offer a fur coat, it's possible it was rerun on GSN in the 90s, so it's possible there's a tape out there.


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