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With Sonny Fox, host of Wonderama having passed on January 28, here's a recap of him guest hosting Price on February 18, 1959. Sonny also notes that February 18 is Bill Cullen's birthday (he turned 39 then), and cracks his being 22 is "the first underbid of the night."

The evening's sponsors are Dove soap from Lever Brothers and Imperial margarine.

The bargain hunters for tonight:

Joseph Tremblay from Fairhaven MA is the returning champion, having won $29,581 in his past two appearances.

Eleanor Spanek is a housewife from Utica N Y.

Muncie Graham is a photographer from Geneva N Y.

Kay Byrne is a waitress from East Birdgewater MA.

June Ferguson shows us a year's supply of Dove soap, which all contestants receive. First IUFB: A car, the 1959 Mercury Monterrey convertible with a turquoise surface andpush-button top. It has Merco-matic transmission, power steering, padded instrument panel, heater/defroster and white sidewall tires. Price authority: Ford Motor Company, Detroit MI. Bidding on the Monterrey at its F.O.B. delivered price, Detroit MI.

Mr. Tremblay starts with the opening asked to be at least $1000 with minimums at $100 :
(*--frozen bid; last bid buzzer follows)
------1200 ------1500 ------1600 ------1800
------1900 ------2300 ------2400 ------2500
------2800 ------2900 ------3100 ------3200
-----*3300 ----*3500 -----*3700 -----*3800

Actual retail value: $3782.20 with Mr. Graham the winner and he hit the bonus bell. Sonny explains the bonus has a string attached, metaphorically. To attach to his new car is the Hi-Lo trailer from Synder Trailer Company which rises from its driving position to its full living position with the handcrank in seconds. It has living accompdations for five and has a sink and range.

A commercial for Imperial margarine follows.

Next item up for bids: A Ceylon saphhire pendant with a platinum mounting from Johnston Jewelers at the Waldorf-Astoria. The setting holds 47 diamonds weighing 2.89 karats. Price authority: Johnston Jewelers, Waldorf-Astoria.

Mrs. Spanek opens the bidding anywhere, no minimums:
------------ -------200 --------600 -------650
-------800 -------1000 ------1100 ------1150
------1300 -------1400 -----*1100 -----1500
-----*2000 -----*2001 -----*1100 ----*2010

Actual retail value: $3800, with Mrs. Byrne the winner.

The latest look of the current sweepstakes is shown. The items in the Hollywood Showcase:
* Mink coat
* Platinum bracelet weighing 7.28 karats
* Gold-plated cirgarette case
* Arpege perfume by Lanvin
* Revere 8mm movie camera
* Ford Galaxie hardtop
* As mentioned previously on the show, a bonus is being tacked on to the sweepstakes. Whoever wins will have the world premiere of the motion picture "Gidget" held at his/her home. The premiere is not to be included in bidding.

Next item: A home laundry. Consists of Montgomery-Ward Imperial washer (6 cycles) and dryer, a cabinet ironer plus a wall unit for storage of linens. Price authorities: Montgomery-Ward, Chicago and Rubinger Inc.

Mr. Graham starts and it's a one-bid item:
------------ ------------ -----*1800 -----* 900
------*1200 -----*1801

Actual retail value: $1048.20, with Mrs. Byrne winning again and she hit the bonus bell. To demonstrate how the washer performs, Sonny borrows Mrs. Byrne's handkerchief and puts it in the washer, pretending for a few seconds that it's working. Sonny reaches in to pull the handkerchief out, but pulls out a pair of long johns, a string of hot dogs, and finally, a mink stole in jasmine white from Schiaparelli Furs.

A commercial for Wisk detergent presented by Sonny follows.

Final item: A cruise for two to Europe aboard the Queen Mary. First class accomodations with an outside suite. It leaves New York July 15, before reaching Southampton, England on July 21, then home on July 30.

Mrs. Byrne opens with the opening asked to be at least $1000, minimums at $100:
------------ ------------ ------------ ------1000
------1500 ------1700 -------1800 ------1900
------2000 ------2200 -------2500 ------2600
------2700 ------2800 -------3200 ------3300
------3400 -----*2800 -------3500 ------3600
------3700 -----*2800 ------3800 -----*3600
-----*4000 -----*2800 ----*4100  -----*3600

Actual retail value: $4588 with Mr. Graham the winner.

A commercial for Dove soap with beauty expert Natalie Cole follows.

Final scores:
----------0 ---------0 ------9706 ------7698

Mr. Graham is the new champion and will return to defend next week. Mr. Tremblay leaves with his $29,581 in swag, while Mrs. Spanek receives a Morse protable sewing machine.
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