Author Topic: TPiR Recap - 6/15/2021  (Read 4423 times)

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Re: TPiR Recap - 6/15/2021
« Reply #15 on: June 16, 2021, 06:46:29 PM »
Personally, this was one of the best pricing game lineups in a long time; they played 4 of my Top 10 favs in one show (can you guess which two AREN'T in my Top 10 favs? :-D )
Unlike the last Pay the Rent playing, where I would have had $100,000, this one was tough.  I too had the attic wrong.  Not helping things were the fact that the pain medicine was small (2.5 oz), hot cocoa is much more expensive when packaged as K-cups (vs envelopes), and no count or weight was given for the avocadoes.  I think I could see 3 or maybe 4 in that bag; if I were the one playing it onstage I would have asked or even walked up to inspect it personally!
Am I the only one who thinks Cliffhangers is all the more enjoyable when they get an exacta on the 3rd and final item, even when they have room for error and don't need to?  Must be the ding-ding-ding which leads seamlessly into more ding-ding-dings and then the TPIR theme.
I'm glad someone is keeping stats on the Magic # overbids, given their rarity.  I honestly don't recall the other times it happened.  I'm a little surprised Drew didn't comment, as it was the first time that it happened during his reign.  In contrast, he's always reminding us "no one ever gets the price right on the first try" in Cover Up (which also hasn't happened since the Barker era), which was also in today's lineup, and sure enough he mentioned it :-D