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TPiR Recap: 01/10/84 (Where is Susan?)
« on: February 15, 2011, 04:06:50 PM »
Opening Graphics: Fabulous Showcases! (x4)
First four lineup: Green to Red podium
Barker: Stage Entrance (waits a few seconds before walking out)
Handoff: Janice

Models of the Day: Dian Parkinson, Janice Pennington, and substitute model Chanel (Holly Hallstrom took a leave of absence at the point)
Wardrobe: ? (red blazer, striped red & white shirt, blue skirt, and red legwarmers)

The main theme starts as Johnny O calls Susan's name repeatedly to come on down and she looks at another audience member and realizes it was her as she gets up and runs up to a male audience and gives him a kiss on the cheek as Johnny O laughs and says "Forgot her name !" and then Bob decides to play along by not walking out on the stage until he was ready and when he finally makes it out on the stage and accepts his mic from Janice, he confronts Susan about her taking too long to come on down.

Bob: What's the matter w/ you ?
Susan: Wrong name, last name.
Bob: What do you mean, wrong last name ?
Susan: I go into Susan Dupont.
Bob: Dupont ? And what did you have, John ?
Johnny O: I had Susan Durbeck, come on down !

Susan explains to Bob that she's engaged and her future husband's last name is Durbeck, making Dupont her maiden name.

1. Ralph, the TPiR Robot brings out a 1 ounce bar of Gold and then Bob makes a joke and says "When the models feet hurt, he comes out" and the studio audience gets a laugh out of it. Bidders: Susan: $410  John: $350  Loma: $415  Janey: $416
ARP: $391, John wins.

John will play the BLANK CHECK GAME for a Trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (6 night stay at the Fiesta Los Tules Hotel Resort) (Dian).

(Surprise, Surprise, Bob has to explain to rules of the Check Game and the Range Game music is played, COOL !)
Johnny writes the check in the amount of $1,000 and then Bob takes the pen and writes his name in the pay-to-the-order-of line and then he says to Johnny
"John, you may go to Puerto Vallarta and I may go w/ you".

The price of the Puerto Vallarta Vacation is $1,387, add that to John's $1,000 and the total is $2,387 and John dosen't win the trip as Janice appears w/ her
VOID stamp and John tries to walks off without the voided check but Bob insists that he takes it, as a souvenir.

2. Outdoor Camping Equipment complete w/ sleeping bags, lanterns, and tents (Chanel)
Bidders: SHERRI: $410  Loma: $500  Janey: $450  Susan: $1
ARP: $315, Susan wins.

Susan will play DANGER PRICE for the following:
-Peoplounger's Push button Lady Lounger,
-Whirlpool automatic Washer/Dryer (Janice),
-Mangavox Console Stereo,
-Britannica Encyclopedia Collection (Dian)

The Danger Price is $499.
Susan's choices: Washer and Dryer-$875, Stereo-$780, Encyclopedias-$999.
The chair was the danger price and Susan has won all four prizes.

3. In the TPiR clamshell, Encon's Cavalier 52-inch Polish Brass Ceiling Fan Light (Janice).
Bidders: KATHY: $600  Sherri: $465  Loma: $410  Janey: $525
ARP: $499, Sherri wins.

Sherri will play HOLE IN ONE for a Chevrolet Monte Carlo (auto. trans., V6 engine, tilt steering wheel, ca emission) (Chanel), $11,892.

Grocery items used in today's Hole in One playing:
-See Bee Honey, Mello Mint Chocolate Covered Peppermint Pattie, Naturally Fresh Ranch Salad Dressing, Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash,
Dinty Moore Beef Stew, Noodle Roni Parmesano Pasta.

Janice and Dian stand by w/ the Hole in One flags and ready to place them in the order of Sherri's choices.
Line 1: Peppermint Pattie.
Line 2: Noodles.
Line 3: Mouthwash.
Line 4: Beef Stew.
Line 5-Salad Dressing.
Line 6-Honey.

Pep. Pattie is $0.35, Noodles: $0.82, Mouthwash: $0.99, Stew: $1.49, Salad Dressing: $1.89, Honey: $2.29 !!!
Sherri wins the $500 bonus and will putt from the sixth line from the hole.

Bob starts off w/ his usual inspiration putt and it goes in smoothly !
Sherri's putt: BOO-YAH !!!  SHERRI WINS THE CAR !!!

Showcase Showdown #1:
John: 10-spins again-5=15
Susan: 15-spins again-30=45
Sherri: 70-WIN

4. Dropping in from the ceiling, Chinon's CE5 35-mill. Photography Camera.
Bidders: MARJORIE: $450  Loma: $280  Janey: $500  Kathy: $350
ARP: $562, Janey wins.

Janey will play DOUBLE PRICES for Null Manu. Corp. 3-piece Living Room Grouping (Dian)
The price of the Living Room Group is either $1,646 or $2,025.
Janey says $2,025 and she's WRONG.

5. Who-Whoooooooooooooo!!! Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Hissssssssssss!!!!!
The TPiR Train (w/ Janice driving) brings out a Tappan Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer (Chanel as the on board passenger)
Bidders: GRETCHEN: $765  Kathy: $900  Marjorie: $1095  Loma: $980
ARP: $1,470, Marjorie wins.

Marjorie will play the BONUS GAME for a Hoodwicker Queen-Sized Bed and a Medi-Coil Ther-A-Pedic Mattress Setting (Dian), $3,342.

The four small prizes used in today's Bonus Game playing:
1. Bedsack Bed Linen, not $25, Marjorie says Higher-RIGHT-$32.
2. Hamilton Beach 2-speed Drink Maker, not $58, Marjorie says Lower-RIGHT-$50.
3. True Value's Master Mechanic Vacuum, not $89, Marjorie says Higher-WRONG-$78.
4. Norelco Toaster Oven, not $59, Marjorie says Higher-WRONG-$76.

Marjorie has only two chances to win the Bonus Prize and she does not because the "BONUS" is located in window #3.

6. On the Turntable, Potter Sound's Weather Proof Stereo Speaker Planters (Chanel)
Bidders: SHARON: $275  Loma: $260  Gretchen: $315  Kathy: $316.
ARP: $400, Kathy wins.

Kathy will play the CARD GAME for a Mazda GLT Sedan (front wheel drive, ca emission) (Janice).
Kathy draws the top card of $1,000 and has to come in within a $1,000 w/out going over to win the Mazda GLT Sedan.
Bob starts off w/ a $2,000 bid.

Draws: Jack of Diamonds-$3,000, Queen of Diamonds-$4,000, Queen of Hearts-$5,000, 10 of Clubs-$6,000, 4-Clubs-$6,400, STOPS.
The actual price of the Car is $7,640 and the difference is $1,240.
Kathy leaves empty handed.

Showcase Showdown #2:
Kathy: 25-spins again-15=40
Janey: 90-stays
Marjorie: $1.00 ! $1,000 and a Bonus Spin !  Marjorie's Bonus Spin: 55, advances to the showcase round.

Showcase Round: Sherri is the Top Winner and Marjorie is the Runner Up.

Showcase #1: "Every Room in the House"
RCA 45-inch Projection Color Television (Janice)
OW Lee Outdoor Dinette Set (Dian),
Storia Porcelain Stove (Chanel),
Lowery Player Organ (Dian).

Sherri decides to pass this showcase over to Marjorie and she bids $6,500.

Showcase #2: "Saluting the USA"
Trips to Washington DC (6 night stay at the Sheraton Washington Hotel) (Janice),
Walt Disney World (6 night stay at the Royal Plaza Hotel) (Chanel),
Grand Canyon (6 night stay at the Grand Canyon Square Inn) (Dian),
Chevrolet Corvette (V8 engine, auto. tran., ca emission) (Janice).

Sherri bids $16,700 and there's a huge groan from the studio audience.

Actual price of Sherri's showcase: $27,275
Difference: $10,575

Actual price of Marjorie's showcase: $8,090
Difference: $1,590
Marjorie has won a grand total of $10,642 in cash and prizes including a $1,000 cash bonus and gifts for the home as she greets Barker's Beauties and they lead her over to get a closer glimpse of her prizes.

Despite Susan's taking too long to come on down at the beginning and Bob waiting forever to walk out on the stage, it was fun because you get to hear the theme for a long time because the walking theme runs out in the opening.  When Susan went back to her city and the show aired, she probably became a celebrity around town, people coming up to her, asking her all types of questions.

This episode aired around the time Holly was off the show temporarily to tackle on other projects and she was replaced by Chanel, a pretty shoulder length haired blonde and was a great fit and I'm not sure when Holly returned to TPiR, my guess would probably by around Feburary or March of that year.

It used to be so much fun whenever the TPiR Train would come out and Bob would tell everyone to be quiet, waiting for the whistle to blow and listening to the engine chugging away when the train would depart backstage, this is one of the things I loved back in the good ol' days.

Not really sure who provided the wardrobe for the Barker Beauties but it was a decent look, not glamourous, but a nice look, definitely eighties fashion.

The entire episode is on youtube and I know this seems rare but I wanted to post it here because I think some people may have dial up internet and I know you can't download youtube on dial up, so that's why I did this.

Really fun show to look back on and they really should consider making a 2nd edition of "Best of TPiRs" dvd combo because I think this episode should be one of the best classic episodes to put on the dvd, so many them out there.  Ya never know, wish might come true some day !
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Re: TPiR Recap: 01/10/84 (Where is Susan?)
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2021, 09:19:24 PM »
Susan explains to Bob that she's engaged and her future husband's last name is Durbeck, making Dupont her maiden name.

Since this episode recently ran on Pluto, I hope it's reasonable to post a correction to the recap.

Susan actually claimed she "goes under Dupont" because she's "soon-to-be married" and is "using her future husband's name." That means Durbeck, not Dupont, was her maiden name and she had already switched to her married name before she was actually married.

I have yet to understand why someone who'd proactively assume a married name could somehow possibly forget the name she was born with. Her explanation made absolutely no sense.

But I just wanted to clarify what she said in her explanation.
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