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17th Season Premiere: September 12, 1988
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It's the fall of 1988. I was starting third grade. America was preparing for an election. Sale of the Century, Super Password, and Card Sharks kicked off their final seasons. While at Studio 33, (Fresh off of its Double Emmy Win!!) Bob, Rod, JD&H, The "DOB", Fingers, and the whole gang prepared for another exciting season.

Opening Spiel: Fabulous Prizes, Lots of Fun, Big Winners
Stage Entrance
Models: Oh, You Know!!! :lol:

Item #1: Video Dart Arcade Game (H) ($1895)
Lavon $649 Tori $920 ROBERT* $1000 Donna $800

Robert, a Marine stationed in Barstow, CA. is about to walk the GOLDEN ROAD.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup  (.81)


Black and Decker Power Tools (J)  Picks 8   $835
Sligh Desk (D)                    Picks 3  $2579
Cadillac Seville (H)                      $34???  LOSS

After getting the traditional "Standing O", Bob thanked the staff, CBS, Mark Goodson, and the audience for the show's success and announces that the show is still #1. Between the doors are giant signs reading "Happy 17th Year".

Item #2: Gibson Dishwasher/Success Rice (J&D) ($519)

Bridget $475 DONNA *$499 LaVon $1 Tori $450

Donna, from Boston, Mass. is up on stage to win a Sun Valley Camping Trailer (H) worth $4,995 in NOW...OR THEN.

Then is February, 1985.


Texsun Pink Grapefruit Juice ($1.29, top)
A.1 Steak Sauce ($1.85, top right) (3rd choice, guesses NOW, it's THEN)
Hormel Chili ($1.09, bottom right) (2nd choice, guesses NOW, right)
Stove Top Stuffing (.89, bottom) (1st choice, guesses THEN, Right)
Replacement Reflector Pans ($1.59, bottom left) (last choice, guesses NOW, right)
Hershey's Syrup (.99, top left)   WIN

Item #3: Baldwin Electronic Keyboard (J) ($1496)
Thomas $395 LAVON *$695 Tori $525 Bridget $400

LaVon plays 1 RIGHT PRICE for a Bar Set (D), and a Tappan Refrigerator/Freezer (H)

The 1RP is $1716.

Bar Set $1716
Refrigerator (Chooses as 1RP) $1450   LOSS

After the game, Bob calls JD&H out to personally thank them for the work they do and says he enjoys working with them and compliments them as one of the reasons for the success of the show.

SCSD #1:

LaVon ($1,496)- .20+.85=OVER
Robert ($2,730)- .40+.70=OVER
Donna ($5,514)- .25+0=.25 (Goes to Showcases)

Item #4: Meade Telescope (H) ($799)
LISA $625 Tori $900 Bridget $1700 Thomas $950

Lisa plays TAKE TWO.

The target price is $2344.


American Flyer Luggage (J)
Sealy Sofabed (D) ($1044)
O-Bra Cookware (J)
Emperor Grandfather Clock (D) ($1300)

Chooses the Sofabed and Clock.  WIN

Before reading the next name, Rod read a wonderful letter from Mark Goodson. Rod: "This is address to Bob Barker-The Price is Right-CBS-Hollywood. Dear Bob, It is hard to believe that we have finished 16 incredible years on "The Price is Right" and we are now heading into number 17. It is a tribute to you and our wonderful staff that we been able to keep our millions of viewers enthusiastic and loyal over such a long period of time. May the years ahead prove as happy and successful. It's signed Mark Goodson." Bob of course, was pleased.

IUFB #5: Frigidaire Microwave Oven/KFC Gift Certificate (J)($449)

LeVern $550 Tori $375 Bridget $259 THOMAS *$380

Thomas, of the US Air Force plays BONUS GAME for a Trip to Singapore (H) worth $3,700.

Window #1: Blue Lustre Shampooer $200 Guesses Higher...$262
Window #2: Quoizel Lamp $120 Guesses Higher...$150
Window #3: Armitron Diamond Watch $300 Guesses Lower...$200
Window #4: St. Mary's Bath Set $13 Guesses Higher...$30  WIN

The BONUS was in Window #1.

Item #6: Designer Repros Wall Mirror (D) ($840)
Stacy $300 LEVERN *$425 Tori $325 Bridget $1

LeVern plays for a Chevrolet Sprint Hatchback (J) in 3 STRIKES.

The numbers are 1, 4, 7, and 0.

Pick #1: Strike One
Pick #2: 0, Guesses third...NO
Pick #3: Strike Two
Pick #4: 7, Guesses first...YES
Pick #5: 0, Guesses last...YES
Pick #6: 4, Guesses second...NO
Pick #7: 4, Guesses third...YES
Pick #8: STRIKE THREE!!!  
The price was $7,140.      LOSS

SCSD #2:

LeVern ($840)  .25+.65=.90
Lisa ($3,243+) .60+.30=.90
Thomas ($4,791) .70+.75=OVER


Levern: .85 (Goes to Showcases)
Lisa: .35


TW: Donna-Showcase #2: Martians invade TPIR (D as head alien, J&H in alien costumes)

          Caribbean Portable Spa
          Dresher Brass Bed
          Jeep Comanche Truck

ARP: $14,123 Bid: $18,050 Difference: OVER Total: $5,514

RU: LeVern-Showcase #1: Splendido!!

          Dining Room Set (H)
          Nikko China (H)
          RCA Projection TV (J)
          Trans Kitten Satellite Dish (D)
          Panasonic Electronic Unit (D)

ARP: $10,048 Bid: $8,900 Difference: $1,148 Total: $10,888


LeVern: $10,888*
Donna: $5,514
Thomas: $4,791
Lisa: $3,243+
Robert: $2,730
LaVon: $1,496

(*-showcase winner)

Results: 3/6
Total Winnings: $28,662+

As the credits roll on another Season Premiere, The staff comes out all over the stage with a cake reading "The Price is Right-Congratulations on the start of your 17th Year-Mark Goodson" as "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang plays. Let's Party!!!
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