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Re: Wheel of Fortune Season 39...
« Reply #60 on: January 14, 2022, 11:34:31 PM »
I do agree with those saying they need a bigger variety of dollar values on the wheel and a little more variety in the wedges in general. Get some more four digit spaces on ($1,000-$1,500, maybe $2,000 in round 4), an additional prize, and maybe 1-2 additional new different wedges to liven up the wheel a bit. I'd also make $5,000 the top value in round 3 and $6,000 for round 4.

I also agree the wheel itself is kind of outdated and an LED wheel would be nice to allow for more layout changes between each round and they could also add graphics to highlight big spins.

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Re: Wheel of Fortune Season 39...
« Reply #61 on: January 15, 2022, 01:09:28 AM »
The writing is so locked in a box. You throw so many words on the board it becomes something that no human being would say. In the main game, you're never going to see a Proper Name category where the answer is something simple like "JOHNNY DEPP". Instead you're going to get "OSCAR-NOMINATED COCAINE ADDICT JOHNNY DEPP".

The writing is dull partially because, well, a lot of the the production decisions are dull. There are a lot of small nips and tucks that could be done that have already been suggested (no variety on the wheel, Prize Puzzles suck, prizes on offer are stale and predictable, etc.)

But I do wonder if the writing is dull because the format is so rigid. When you have to have the puzzle gradually fill in, and you know that a bunch of wrong answers in a row makes for bad TV, you kind of have to engineer insanely long puzzles with lots of consonants so even blind guessers aren't likely to screw up. Every version of Wheel we've seen has been Spin/Guess consonant/Spin/Guess Consonant/Buy Vowel/Repeat as needed/Solve, repeated 3x per episode, highest score at the end wins. What if they stepped away from that rigid format?

I dunno. I'm no producer, and Michael Davies is not likely to do any of this, I'm just brainstorming. What if the puzzles were shorter and punchier, so you could get more of them in per episode? What if you played to first-to-three-puzzles? What if you had games and rounds that cycled in per episode a la a lottery show or Price is Right?

What about a Fame-Game style round where a blank puzzle is revealed and everybody gets one spin, one letter, and a clue is revealed every few spins of the wheel?

A round where every time you spin, the space you land on is replaced by an arrow pointing to the next space, so the amounts on the wheel are constantly shrinking? (Or on an LED wheel, certain spaces keep expanding after every spin?)

What about a round where each space has a player color in addition to dollar amounts on the wheel, and the wheel is spun to determine who gets one turn to guess a letter? If you have a fancy LED wheel, maybe players can "buy" spaces instead of vowels to increase the odds of their turn coming up?

Whatever the faults of the show might be, the brand of WoF, or even the idea of Wheel of Fortune--like, the wheel, the puzzleboard, contestants at goofy podiums, "buy a vowel", etc--is still very, very strong and recognizable. As long as it features contestants guessing letters and slowly filling in a puzzle and spinning a Wheel of Fortune, you might be able to step away from the format that's worked in the past and try to play it in a different way that emphasizes WoF's strengths and unique elements.

I admit it, I'm one of the few who actually liked what Jay Wolpert did with the shuffle format for Millionaire, so take my opinions with a grain of salt
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Re: Wheel of Fortune Season 39...
« Reply #62 on: January 15, 2022, 01:41:05 AM »
I was perusing the Wheel of Fortune subreddit and I saw an interesting idea. Someone suggested that instead of having the minimum cash amount increase by $1,000 every year, make the minimum a flat $30,000 and introduce "DOUBLE" or "TRIPLE" multipliers; solving the bonus puzzle would affect their winnings accordingly (so a player who won $25,000 in the front game, landed on TRIPLE, and solved the final puzzle would win an additional $50,000, for a grand total of $75,000).

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Re: Wheel of Fortune Season 39...
« Reply #63 on: January 15, 2022, 12:40:17 PM »
i'm just afraid people will eventually call the LED wheel "rigged", knowing how social media is nowadays

Pat said they stopped the wheelís automation because in his own words it wasnít a good idea to show people that the wheel can by spun by itself. I donít remember Wheel of Fortune ever getting in trouble for it. However, he seemed to predict media outlets preferring its audience be outraged than happy.

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Re: Wheel of Fortune Season 39...
« Reply #64 on: January 16, 2022, 12:34:50 AM »
I wonder what season of Wheel got rid of the $750 space?   I want to see that back.   We do have an $850 space this season alone.

I do agree we need to see some $1,000 spaces, maybe a $1,500 space in later rounds.   I like the idea of the $5,000 space in round three.

As for Bonus Land, let's see a $75,000 envelope in the near future.  I know they will be getting rid of the $45,000 envelope soon cause season 40 is coming up if we ever get there.

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Re: Wheel of Fortune Season 39...
« Reply #65 on: January 16, 2022, 10:07:21 AM »
I wonder what season of Wheel got rid of the $750 space?

It was present for the first two weeks of the 1996-97 season before they went with a single Wheel template.

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Re: Wheel of Fortune Season 39...
« Reply #66 on: January 16, 2022, 01:47:38 PM »
If Michael Davies' intention was to make Wheel boring again, he's succeeding. It feels as though Harry never left.

Tell me about it! And just like Harry, Michael is getting more recognition for being the EP of Jeopardy! instead of Wheel, and is putting more effort into that show, and Jeopardy! is thriving right now while everyone is back to treating Wheel as "that other game show". Last year, Wheel was actually popular again (not necessarily more popular than Jeopardy!, but definitely more in the public eye) thanks to Mike.

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Re: Wheel of Fortune Season 39...
« Reply #67 on: January 16, 2022, 07:40:03 PM »
Oh for crying out loud, this silliness again?