Author Topic: TPG 11/23/21 - Two's the Winner a Supply Edition (SLEEPER SIX!)  (Read 267 times)

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TPG 11/23/21 - Two's the Winner a Supply Edition (SLEEPER SIX!)
« on: November 22, 2021, 11:19:28 AM »
Hey everyone, don't be alarmed. Been a busy weekend and I'm still working on Friday's results, but I wanted to make sure people knew we had a game tomorrow. We know the whole lineup for Wednesday and I believe that we will know enough to have a reasonable F/TPG. In fact, I'll provide that lineup and let everyone get two lineups to work with.

Sleeper Six games allow you to make two lineups with 12 unique games. You make them like you would normally, with results and a play-along pick, it's just a second lineup to work with. Please do not repeat any games, they won't count if they're on both your lineups.

Good luck. If you decide not to play because it's not enough information, I will understand, one game will not make or break your season. I still want a nice competitive game, however, and I'll be right there with you if you do play.


SPOILERS: We know all the game for the Thanksgiving show. Will be presented in their presumed order below.

11/22/2021 (Monday - 9611K) Road/Squeeze/Cliff/Clock/Stack/DP
11/23/2021 (Tuesday - 9612K) It's weird seeing this in the middle of the week.
11/24/2021 (Wednesday - 9613K) Grand/ME/OA/Range/Bargain/Key
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