Author Topic: The series finale of Alex Trebek's first US game show, The Wizard of Odds  (Read 954 times)

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- Hi, friends. We have a rare treat to start off the year, the series finale of Alex Trebek's (RIP) first U.S. game show, The Wizard of Odds in audio form, from June 28, 1974. Enjoy. :)

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Very nice. Even if it is audio. It is nice to see at least pictures of it during any piece of rarity game shows as this one.

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The jump-in segments sound like a combo of Double Dare (Trebek's version of course) and that short-lived 1985 show Time Machine. Otherwise, the prize rounds play like the retired pricing game Credit Card (the first two being pick the three lowest out of the five, with the last being four out of seven). Like so many non-GT or syndicated Chuck Barris shows of this era, it's very thankful that even this much footage exists.
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