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Recap for January 27, 1975 (1261D)
« on: April 25, 2022, 12:08:30 AM »
A fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today if they know when The Price is Right!

Bertha, Christopher, Leslie and Patricia, come on down! You are the first four contestants on The Price is Right!

Westinghouse Refrigerator/Freezer and to the winner goes a supply of Lady Borden Ice Cream

Patricia- 479
Leslie- 450
Christopher- 550
Bertha- 425

The Actual Retail Price is $485.

Patricia will play SHELL GAME for a Sunshine Brass Bed King Sized Brass Bed worth $1,035!

In SHELL GAME, we have four shells on a table, one of which conceals a ball. Played like the carnival game of the same name, the host mixes up the shells so that no one knows where the ball is. The contestant is then shown four small prizes, one at a time, each with an incorrect price. The contestant guesses whether the actual price is higher or lower than the displayed price. A correct answer wins the prize and a chip, which the contestant uses to mark a shell which they think conceals the ball. Once all four prizes are played, the shells are removed one-by-one to reveal the ball. If the shell concealing the ball is marked with a chip, the contestant wins a large prize. If the contestant guesses the wrong price for all of the small prizes, the game automatically ends in a loss. Conversely, should the player win all four chips, they automatically win the large prize and can earn a cash bonus equivalent to the prize value by guessing which shell conceals the ball.

PRIZE 1: Hoover Paddle Top Blender
The price is not $63. Is the right price Higher or Lower?
Patricia says LOWER- CORRECT! $45
She places the chip at Shell 3

PRIZE 2: Braun Aeromatic Coffee Maker and Coffee Mill
The price is not $78. Higher or Lower?
Patricia says LOWER- WRONG! $100

PRIZE 3: Schick Portable Hair Dryer
The price is not $33. Higher or Lower?
Patricia says HIGHER- WRONG! $25

PRIZE 4: Ace Hardware Ace-Tone Latex Paint
The price is not $17- Higher or Lower?
Patricia says HIGHER- CORRECT! $21
Patricia places the Chip at Shell 1

With 2 shells, let's see if she wins anything!
Shell 2- NO BALL
Shell 1- NO BALL
Shell 4- BALL! LOSS!!!

Patricia- $551


Bob fumbles at the contestant call because of an earlier conversation with Bertha. People had been waiting as long as 9 or 10 months for tickets to The Price is Right. Bertha said she could have had a baby instead of coming to the show. Bob tells her that she don't have Babies by writing to CBS. Bob was trying to call a contestant but maybe Johnny can help him out of it.

Richard, come on down!

Speed Queen Deluxe Washer and Dryer with a supply of Sta-Puf Fabric Softener for the winner.

Richard- 529
Leslie- 610
Christopher- 450
Bertha- 425

ARP: $770

Leslie will play MONEY GAME for an American Motors Gremlin.

54  61  20
32  49  97
73  38  85

GUESS 1: 32- FRONT OF THE CAR! $32--
GUESS 2: 38- $- $38
GUESS 3: 49- $- $87
GUESS 4: 54- $- $141

This will be the most important decision in Leslie's life! Will she get money or will she win a car?
FATAL CHOICE: 85- $- $226

The Car was $3,273

Leslie- $996


Bob had deduced that Richard was in some sort of Armed Services during the last Contestant call (he was a Navy man). Bob also deduces that Christopher may live in Reseda and by looking at his hands, might be a student (He is, Chris is studying to be an accountant). Bob also finds out that Bertha works for a telephone company. Bob asks Johnny to find him a fourth person that he may interview and know the secrets of.

Marie, come on down!

We find out Marie works in a card shop in San Diego. Anything more interesting about her? Well.....she just wants to go on talking to Bob but he moves on to the next IUFB.

Vespa Ciao Motor Bike

Marie- 329
Richard- 200
Christopher- 260
Bertha- 425

ARP: $339

Marie will play DOUBLE PRICES for a Leisure Bar Inc. Automatic Bartender Computerized Bar.
$2,495 or $1,865- Which one is the Right Price?
Marie picks $1,865- WRONG!!!

Marie- $339


RUNNER UP: Patricia

The Bunting Company Outdoor Furniture
Glasspar Tempest 15TW Boat
1975 Johnson 50 Outboard Motor
Spartan Boat Trailer
O'Brien Slolam Water Skis
Dentyne Chewing Gum

Leslie bids $3,120.

Showcase for People who like Games:
World's Largest Crossword Puzzle
California Interior Designs Association Backgammon Table
Trip to Las Vegas- Celebrity Train
American Motors Hornet Sportabout

Patricia bids $4,250.


Leslie bid $3,120 on her Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $4,124.
A difference of $1,004

Patricia bid $4,250 on her Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $4,651.
A difference of $401

GRAND TOTAL: $5,202!!!