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Recap for May 12, 1975 (1411D)
« on: May 02, 2022, 05:43:27 PM »
A fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today if they know when The Price is Right!

Carol, Maxine, Lorraine and Elizabeth, come on down! You are the first four contestants on The Price is Right!

Samsonite Silhouette Luggage

Carol- 350
Maxine- 275
Lorraine- 320
Elizabeth- 215

The Actual Retail Price is $376.

Carol will play TEMPTATION for a Chevrolet Vega Hatchback Coupe.
Carol has to pick numbers from 4 prizes to make a price of the car.

PRIZE 1: Princess Gardner Purse Set
The price is $36. Is the first number a 3 or a 6?
Carol says 3.
PRIZE 2: Superseal Food Savers
The price is $83. Is the second number a 8 or a 3?
Carol says 8.
PRIZE 3: Fedders Portable Air Conditioner
The price is $220. Is the third number a 2 or a 0?
Carol says 2.
PRIZE 4: Whirlpool Ceramic Cooktop Range
The price is $550. 5 or a 0?
Carol says 5.

Carol has a price of $3,825. Would she like to make changes?
Carol is confident with the price she has.
Here's another question- will Carol go for the car or walk away with $889 in prizes?
Carol needs a stove so she walks away with the prizes.

Let's see what would have happened had she went for the car.
The first number is 3.
The second number is 8.
The third number is 0. She would have lost!
The last number is 5.

The Car was $3,805.

Carol- $1,265


Now Johnny Olson, can you please find us another contestant for Contestant's Row?

Vernon, come on down! All he has to say is "Wow!"

Maytag Giant Capacity Dishwasher with some Finish Detergent for the winner

Vernon- 385
Maxine- 325
Lorraine- 326
Elizabeth- 350

ARP: $400

Vernon will play MOST EXPENSIVE for:

(1) Electrophonic Component Stereo
(2) G.S. Furniture Hardwood Seat and Ottoman
(3) Universal-Rundle Bathroom Sink

We learn that Vernon is from San Diego and he is a retired Naval Officer who worked in administrative personnel. Now, what prize does he think is the most expensive?
Vernon says Prize 2. Let's see if he chose wisely.

Prize 1 is $530. (wow)
Prize 3 is $280.
Prize 2 is...............................$484! LOSS!!!

Vernon- $400


Now Johnny can you please get me a fourth contestant out of this studio audience?

Johnell, come on down!

Le Creuset Cookware

Johnell- 250
Maxine- 225
Lorraine- 275
Elizabeth- 300

ARP: $341

Elizabeth will play CLOCK GAME for a Tappan Trash Compactor and a Howell Dinette Set.

Let's start with the Compactor
200- Higher
250- Higher
275- Higher
300- Lower
280- Higher
290- Lower
281- Higher
282- Higher
283- GOT IT! and With 19 seconds left!

Now for the Dinette Set
500- Higher
600- Lower
650- LOWER!
550- Higher
560- Higher
570- Higher
580- Higher
590- Higher
591- Higher
592- Higher
593- Higher
594- Higher
595- Higher
596- Higher
597- Higher
598- Higher
599- WINNER!!! and with 6 seconds to spare!

Elizabeth- $1,223


RUNNER UP: Elizabeth

From Bob's banter, we learn that Carol is a cashier in a grocery store (which would have been handy in the Grocery Game). And Elizabeth is a welfare worker from San Diego.

Hobie Cat California Hotdog Surfboard
Solarcaine Sunburn Foam
Dacor Scuba Tank Equipment
Glasspar 156 Cutlass Boat
1975 50 Johnson Motor
Spartan Boat Trailer

Carol bids $3,200

Kohler Birthday Bathtub
Broyhill Bedroom Set
Kirshh Bedspread
Bemco Mattress
K2r Spot Lifter Spray
Tappan Refrigerator/Freezer

Elizabeth bids $2,200.


Elizabeth bid $2,200 on her Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $3,423
A difference of $1,223.

Carol bid $3,200 on her Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $4,688.
A difference of $1,488.

GRAND TOTAL: $4,646!!!