Author Topic: Recap for May 13, 1975- "HOW MANY SQUARE YARDS" (1412D)  (Read 967 times)

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Recap for May 13, 1975- "HOW MANY SQUARE YARDS" (1412D)
« on: May 02, 2022, 07:41:54 PM »
A fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today if they know when The Price is Right!

Pamela, Ruphina, Elizabeth and Nancy, come on down! You are the first four contestants on The Price is Right!

When Bob come out, Ruphina expresses her excitement by saying that she's been watching PIR for years and she can't believe she's here.

Jorges Games People Play Carpeting

Pamela- 350
Ruphina asks "How many square yards?" to which Johnny answers "30". And with that in mind, Ruphina says 449
Elizabeth- 300
Nancy- 351

The Actual Retail Price is.......$449 if you can believe it! Ruphina comes up!

Bob has to know something- how did she get it exactly right? Ruphina watches the show all the time while she watches her baby and she happened to see that prize one day on the show and memorized the price. But when she asked about the square yards, she did some mathematic figuring and zeroed in on the right price. Bob spares her the math lesson and gets her to concentrate on the game currently on the floor- HI-LO.

Ruphina has a chance to win a Kimball Organ worth $1,090.

The Items she will be working with are:
ITEM 1: Texsun Orange Juice
ITEM 2: Epoxy Bond Furniture Fix
ITEM 3: Dad's Root Beer
ITEM 4: Tussi Deodorant
ITEM 5: Clindo Cleaning Magic Spray
ITEM 6: Liquid Sunshine Indoor Plant Food

Ruphina starts with Item 6 which is $1.19.
Ruphina next picks Item 5 which is $0.79.
Ruphina wants to change but cannot so she goes with Item 3 which is $1.32.

This is going to be tough- $0.79- hmmm- let's see.
Item 1 is $0.81- LOSS!
Item 2 is $0.98
Item 4 is $1.59

Ruphina- $449


Johnny Olson, would you please fetch me another contestant?

Ranna, come on down!

Roper Riding Mower with a Nelson Garden Whiz Sprinkler for the winner

Ranna- 449
Pamela- 510
Elizabeth- 500
Nancy- 501

ARP: $599

Pamela will play ANY NUMBER for an American Motors Gremlin or a Emperor Clock Company Grandfather Clock.
Use any number between 0-9 only once- Beware the EVIL PIG!

GUESS 1: 3- IT'S IN THE CAR! $3---
GUESS 2: 8- Uh OH! In the EVIL PIG'S DOMAIN! $8.--
GUESS 3: 9- CAR! $39--
GUESS 4: 6- CAR! $39-6

The Grandfather Clock was $415 and the EVIL PIG goes back to Hell with $8.07.

Pamela- $4,525


Johnny, we are all waiting to hear the name of our next contestant!

Leonor, come on down!

Rojan Chair and Ottoman

Leonor- 220
Ranna- 265
Elizabeth- 289
Nancy- 300

ARP: $250

Leonor will play DOUBLE PRICES for a Murrey and Sons Billiard Table.
$755 or $695? Which one is the right price?
Leonor says $755- WRONG!!!

Leonor- $250


RUNNER UP: Ruphina

Oh goody, some time-filling banter- Pamela is married and her husband plays for the Oakland Athletics AAA Team in Tucson, Arizona called the Tucson Toros. Apparently he is an outfielder and Pamela doesn't know his batting average- he's been at bat eight times and he's had 5 hits (Incidentally, the player's name is Dale Sanner). Whereas, Ruphina is from Trinidad and has lived in the United States for 2 years.

TPIR Department Store:
2nd Floor- Appliances: Whirlpool Washer and Dryer with some Borateem Detergent
3rd Floor- Furniture- Niagara Massage Chair
4th Floor- Home Entertainment- Philco-Ford TV/Stereo Combination
5th Floor- Furniture- Bailey-Schmitz Sofa Sleeper

Pamela bids $3,200.

This is completely different- it's a DO-IT-YOURSELF SHOWCASE!
Do-It-Yourself was a showcase used sometime between late 1974 and early 1975. The showcase had three categories of prizes, each of which had three prizes in it. The contestant randomly had to choose one prize from each category, and those three prizes were then presented as the contestant's showcase.
Here, Ruphina actually has to make choices about the prizes in her Showcase.
First off, it's home furnishings and Ruphina chooses Prize 2.
Next off, it's trips to some beaches- Ruphina chooses Prize 3.
Lastly, we have modes of transportation- Ruphina chooses Prize 3.

Let's see what she got!
Prize 2 is Lamps- Quoizel Lamps
Prize 3 is a Trip to Tahiti
Prize 3 is a Motorcycle- an Indian ME-100 Motorcycle

Ruphina bids $2,500.


Ruphina bid $2,500 on her Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $2,965.
A difference of $465.

Pamela bid $3,200 on her Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $3,069- OVER!

GRAND TOTAL: $3,414!!!