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Recap for November 26, 1975 (1693D)
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Well, here it comes! The first big hour-long game show in television! The fabulous new 60-minute Price is Right!

Marcie, Michelle, Kathleen and William, come on down! You are the first four contestants on The Price is Right!

Jules Seltzer Floor Clock

William- 495
Kathleen- 350
Michelle- 450
Marcie- 300 (Her name is not Mary, Bob!)

The Actual Retail Price is $522.

William will play TEMPTATION for a Chevrolet Vega Hatchback GT Coupe.

PRIZE 1: Encyclopedia Americana 30-Volume Set
The price is $480. Is the first number a 4 or an 8?
William says 4.
PRIZE 2: Toshiba Cassette Recorder
The price is $50. Is the second number a 5 or a 0?
William says 0.
PRIZE 3: Mary Kay Skin Cosmetics
The price is $47. Is the third number a 4 or a 7?
William says 7.
PRIZE 4: Maytag Permanent Press Washer and Dryer
The price is $660. Is the last number a 6 or a 0?
William says 6.

William has a price of $4,076 for the Car- does he want to make any changes?
William is fine with that price.
Will William take $1,237 worth of prizes and walk or will he go for the car?
He's going for the car! I hope he made the right call.

The first number is 4.
The second number is 0.
The third number is 7. So Far so Good!
The last number is...........................6! HE WINS EVERYTHING!


We have a spot open right here in Contestant's Row and Johnny, I'd like to have you fill it, will you please?

Margaret, come on down!

Musken Corporation Pool

Margaret- 1000
Kathleen- 600
Michelle- 900
Marcie- 599

ARP: $599

Marcie will play GROCERY GAME for a Philco-Ford Home Entertainment Center and some albums from 20th Century Records and some Panel Magic Wood Spray Polish. A prize package worth $1,479!

The Specials in the TPIR Supermarket today are:
ITEM 1: Alba '66 Hot Cocoa Mix
ITEM 2: Easy Off Window Cleaner
ITEM 3: Durkee/O&C French Fried Onions
ITEM 4: Franco-American Chicken Gravy
ITEM 5: Certs Breath Mints

Marcie starts with Item 1 and buys 4 of them.
One costs $1.05 and four of them total $4.20.
Marcie next picks Item 2 and buys 2 of them.
One costs $0.63 and two of them are $1.26. Her total is $5.46.
Marcie then picks Item 4 and buys 3 of them.
One costs $0.21 and three of them are $0.63. Her total is $6.09.
Marcie then picks Item 5 and buys 5 of them.
One costs $0.15 and five of them are $0.75. Her total is $6.84! WINNER!!!


All right, I have Margaret right here, I have Kathleen and right here I have Michelle and now Johnny, who's going to join them?

Donna, come on down!

Hammond Sounder Organ

Donna- 625
Margaret- 600
Kathleen- 650
Michelle- 500

ARP: $525

Michelle will play a fairly new game, ONE RIGHT PRICE
In this game, A model stands in the center to show the host, the contestant, and the studio audience the "One Right Price". Then the contestant must decide which prize, the left or the right, has that price. If the contestant chooses the correctly, he/she wins both prizes. Making the wrong choice lost both prizes.

The two prizes Michelle will play for are
(1) Chromcraft Cosalla Dinette Set
(2) Gibson Refrigerator/Freezer

The Price is $617. Where does it go?
Michelle thinks it's Prize 2- WRONG! $710
The Dinette Set was $617.


Michelle ($525)- Spins and gets 0.15- Spins again and gets 0.85- $1.00 and $1,000!!!
Marcie ($2,078)- Spins and gets 0.20- Spins again and gets 0.10- 0.35
William ($5,835)- Spins and gets $1.00! ANOTHER $1,000!

Michelle- 0.90
William- 0.80

Michelle is in the Showcase!


Johnny Olson, who is our next contestant?

Georgia, come on down!

WynWood Designs Wine Storage System

Georgia- 325
Donna- 900
Margaret- 400
Kathleen- 500

ARP: $1,110

Donna will play a new game called TEN CHANCES for 2 pairs of Liberty Slacks, a Berkline Recliner and a 1976 Buick Skylark.
The contestant is given ten chances in which to guess the prices of three prizes, including a car, beginning with the least expensive. They are shown three digits, two of which are in the price of the first prize. The contestant writes their guess on the first of ten cards. If they are correct, the price is revealed, and they move on to the next prize. If they are not, they must write another price on the second card, and so on until they are correct. The numbers are usually 0, 5, and another number. Also, the same number can not be used more than once. For the second prize, the contestant is shown four digits, three of which are at the correct price. Play continues as with the first prize until they correctly guess the price. Finally, the contestant is shown five digits, four of which are in the price of the car. Again, they must write down the correct price with whatever chances they have left.
If the contestant has used all of their ten chances and has not correctly written the price of the car, they win any prizes that they have correctly priced to that point.

Let's start with the Slacks.
Three numbers: 7, 6, 3- Use only two.

Now for the Recliner.
Four numbers: 2, 0, 5, 3- Use only three.
CHANCE 2: $250- NO
CHANCE 3: $502- NO
CHANCE 4: $523- NO
CHANCE 5: $302- NO

Finally, The Car!
Five numbers: 8, 4, 9, 1, 6- Use only four.
CHANCE 7: $8,146- NO
CHANCE 8: $4,618- NO
CHANCE 9: $9,148- NO
CHANCE 10: $6,491- NO! LOSS!!!

The Car was $4,169


Listen closely, you might hear the name of a friend or a relative! Johnny!

Olinda, come on down!

Ecolosphere Aquarium Table

Olinda- 325
Georgia- 328
Margaret- 350
Kathleen- 299

ARP: $370

Margaret will play GIVE OR KEEP for a Keller Mediterranean Solid Oak Dining Room and a Montgomery Ward Area Rug, a prize package worth $907.

PRIZES 1: Hoover Jet Steam Iron and Mirro Matic Coffee Percolator
Margaret keeps the Iron and gives the Percolator which is $22.
PRIZES 2: Jeannette Corporation Baltimore Pear Serving Set and Personality Shoes
Margaret keeps the Shoes and gives the Servers which are $44. The Give Total is $66.
PRIZES 3: Corbell Salt and Pepper Shakers and Rival Crock Pot
Margaret keeps the Shakers and gives the Crock Pot which is $30. The Give Total is $96.

Let's see if Margaret kept more than she gave away.
The Iron is $29.
The Shoes are $40. The Keep Total is $69.
The Shakers are $23. The Keep Total is $92- LOSS!!!


Johnny, we'd like to hear the name of our next contestant. Will you help us out please?

Sandra, come on down!

Invicta Luggage

Sandra- 400
Olinda- 245
Georgia- 325
Kathleen- 450

ARP: $299

Olinda will play CLOCK GAME for a chance to win a White Sewing Machine and a Murrey and Sons El Grande Billiard Table.

Let's start with the Sewing Machine
500- Higher
600- Lower
550- Lower
540- Lower
530- Lower
520- Lower
510- Lower
509- Lower
508- Lower
507- Lower
506- Lower
505- Lower
504- GOT IT! With 20 seconds left!

Now for the Billiard Table
1000- Lower
900- Lower
850- Lower
800- Lower
750- Lower
700- Lower
600- Higher
650- Higher
660- Higher
670- Higher
680- Higher
690- Higher
691- Higher
692- Higher
693- Higher
694- Higher
695- WINNER!!! And with 5 seconds left to spare!


Margaret ($462)- Spins and get $0.40- Spins again and gets $0.40- $.80
Donna ($1,496)- Spins and gets $0.80- $0.80
Olinda ($1,498)- Spins and gets $0.30- Spins again and gets $0.60- $0.90

Olinda is going to the Showcase!


TOP WINNER: Michelle

Back Country Mountain Equipment
Trip to Italy
Trip to Greece
Trip to Africa

Michelle passes to Olinda who bids $4,500.

Checkerboard Young Turkey
Litton Microwave Oven
Maytag Dishwasher
Glasspar G3 Speedboat
1976 55 Horsepower Johnson Outboard
Spartan Trailor

Michelle bid $6,000 on her Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $4,911- OVER!

Olinda bid $4,500 on her Showcase
The Actual Retail Price is $3,931- OVER!

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