Author Topic: CSS Results for 06/14/2022 (Game 182) & CSS18 FINAL LEADERBOARD  (Read 1672 times)

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Cephas with a hard/soft to wrap up the playings that count this season. It wasn't too exciting a playing, cheapo jewelry and expensive Dominican Republic not seen for a year were big bugaboos.


Thank you as always for playing. This site isn't too active nowadays but between Discord chat and a few of you stll playing even without chatting live, we still have a healthy player base for this game, ready to take on whatever zany new prize shows up next. This season was a lot of fun.

I apologize for having so many CSS posts be literally nothing in hte middle of this season (in chat, joking as me just posting the dash today, or some other phrase like that). I had a severe health problem that really knocked me down for almost 6 months. It took all of my efforts to barely function, never mind getting CSS up the day of. I got out of the habit, but got back into it in the playoffs. Every CSS playing, every pair of SCs has some quirk in them, even if that quirk is it was an entirely standard fare, and I take pride in writing up at least a sentence about each one.

Ironically my poor health led to me playing much less than usual, but I avoided more overs this way, and I definitely give credit to this partially for my first ever points title. Despite a still meh 31% over percentage, I DSW'd 23 times and Q'd twice to well overcome that, and beat out Punchboard91's tried-and-true strategy of playing minimally and mostly Fridays by a hair. I could not quite beat out 9821 for the cash title, but it was really close and basically a tiebreaker on an exacta in the playoffs decided that race. But we also had six millionaires this season, and five of the six above 1.4M - it was a really close heat between heavyweights.

Speaking of that race and it coming down to the playoffs, I am thinking of reverting a rule for next season, upon further thought: go back to the regular season (making up the final stats below, which determines the Hall of Fame listing for points and cash) ending just before the playoffs, not include the playoffs, and any and all post-playoff shows being scrimmages. Originally when I took over I loved the idea of having as much count as possible, but between all the non-playoff players stealing cash a lot these playoffs, and now a murky and odd ending to the CSS season thanks to having no schedule, and I think I was wrong here. Look forward to that reversion, unless I see any objections.

Speaking of scrimmages, there should be four shows left. According to TV listings there's one next Monday, presumably one on July 4th, and per a contestant Instagram post, September 5th. That leaves the one that was preempted yesterday. Look out for that sometime, and I'll see you all around.
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S5x... the show's stabilized into something decent now, I guess...