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Recap for October 01, 1976 (2025D)
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And here it comes, the first big hour-long game show in television, the fabulous new 60-minute Price is Right!

Cherri (who in her excitement walks up on stage and Janice has to direct her to her spot), Kip, Donna and Carrie, come on down! You are the first four contestants on The Price is Right!

Sugar Hill Pine Clamshell Desk

Carrie- 520
Donna- 465
Kip- 425
Cherri- 650

The Actual Retail Price is $611.

Carrie will play LUCKY $EVEN to win a 1976 Chevrolet Nova Sedan.
She is given 7 one dollar bills- Let's see how well she does.

What is the first number? Carrie says 4- CORRECT! 4
What is the second number? Carrie says 6- It's a 2! She loses 4 dollars
What is the third number? Carrie says 8- It's a 4 and she LOSES!

The car was $4,248.


Johnny, we're waiting to hear the name of our next contestant!

Carolyn, come on down!

Child's Wooden Bedroom Set plus some Switzer's Candy for the winner

Carolyn- 650
Donna- 475
Kip- 700
Cherri- 600

ARP: $655

Carolyn mentions having a lucky pacifier with her- she explains that when she was having her baby she couldn't come to the show but now she is happy to be there. Carolyn will play SAFE CRACKERS!
In SAFE CRACKERS, the contestant is shown two prizes, both of which are locked inside a giant safe. The three-digit price of the smaller item represents the combination of the safe. The digits in the price of the smaller prize are shown on each of three dials; each digit appears only once in the price. The contestant must set the dials to the price of the three-digit prize to open the safe and win both prizes.

Let's Open the Safe! It's a Magnavox Home Entertainment Center with TV, Turntable, AM/FM Radio and an 8-Track Player. She can also win a pair of Brumby Rocking Chairs. It's a prize package worth $2,811! Let's close that safe!

The combination of the safe is the price of the two rocking chairs. The numbers on the dials are 1, 3 and 6. Carolyn must use the dials to put in the price of the rockers.



The Rockers were $316.


We have 1, 2, 3 contestants in Contestant's Row and here comes Contestant #4.

Ann, come on down!

Ceramic Chandelier

Ann- 375
Donna- 485
Kip- 325
Cherri- 300

ARP: $450

Ann will win an assortment of appliances from Western Auto: a double oven range, a dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer and a washer/dryer for a total of $2,055. And what game fits this prize theme- it's the GROCERY GAME!

Today's Specials are
ITEM 1: Lady Borden Ice Cream
ITEM 2: Blammo Sugarless Gum
ITEM 3: Icee Frozen Drink
ITEM 4: Franco-American Macaroni & Meatballs
ITEM 5: Rose Milk Hand Cream

Ann starts with Item 1 and buys 5 of them.
One is $0.85 and five of them are $4.25.
Ann next picks Item 2 and buys 2 of them.
One is $0.59 and two of them are $1.18. Her total is $5.43.
Ann then picks Item 3 and buys 3 of them.
One is $0.25 and three of them are $0.75. Her total is now $6.18.
Ann then picks Item 4 and buys 2 of them.
One is $0.47 and two of them are $0.94. Her total is $7.12! LOSS!!!


Ann ($455)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.55
Carrie ($611)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.60. She decides to stay after about a minute of agonizing about it.
Carolyn ($655)- Spins the wheel ang gets $0.30.  Spins again and gets $0.15- $0.45

Carrie goes to the Showcase


Bob points out that Donna, Kip and Cherri had been in Contestant's Row since the beginning of the show. Every winner has come out of the first spot (RED). Johnny who is coming down to that lucky spot right now?

Ben, come on down!

Rattan Dresser

Ben- 422
Donna- 499
Kip- 350
Cherri- 345

ARP: $530

Donna broke the spell and could get a 1976 Buick Skylark just for the privilege....and maybe four other prizes as well by playing TEMPTATION.

PRIZE 1: Buxton Wallet Set
The price is $49. Is the first number a 4 or a 9?
Donna says 4.
PRIZE 2: Bissell Sweep Master Vacuum.
The price is $39. Is the second number a 3 or a 9?
Donna says 9.
PRIZE 3: Pollenex Pulsating Water Massager
The price is $40. Is the third number a 4 or a 0?
Donna says 0.
PRIZE 4: $559 in cash
Is the last number a 5 or a 9?
Donna says 5.

Donna has a price of $4,905 for the car. Will she make any changes?
She's gonna leave the price as it is.
Will Donna take $687 in prizes and walk or will we go for the car?
Donna will go for the car and hopefully she won't bust like Carrie

The first number is 4.
The second number is 3- LOSS!
The third number was 0.
The last number was 5. DANG!


Johnny, do you suppose you can find another contestant for us?

Susan, come on down!

Korean Daytime Chest

Susan- 475
Ben- 501
Kip- 500
Cherri- 485

ARP: $750

Ben could win 15 ounces of gold worth $1,694 by playing GIVE OR KEEP

PRIZES 1: Wrangler Kids Jean Jacket & Sportswear and a McCormick-Schilling Spice Rack.
Ben Keeps the Spice Rack and Gives the Jeans which are $24.
PRIZES 2: Timex Ladies Electric Watch and Rival Crock Pot.
Ben Keeps the Crock Pot and Gives the Watch which is $33. The Give Total is $57.
PRIZES 3: Maybelline Fresh and Lovely Makeup Kit and Manhattan Nature Knit shirts
Ben Keeps the Cosmetics and Gives the Shirts which are $25. The Give Total is $82.

Let's see if Ben kept more than he gave away.
The Spice Rack is $27.
The Crock Pot is $30. Ben's Keep Total is $57
The Cosmetics are $30. Ben's Keep Total is $87- WINNER!!!!


Johnny, tell us the name of our next contestant please!

Betty, come on down!

Klima-Gro Hot House

Betty- 150
Susan- 350
Kip- 351
Cherri- 400

ARP: $259

Betty will play POKER GAME for a chance to win

(1) Wicker Mirror
(2) Bose Stereo Component Center
(3) Tappan Microwave Oven
(4) Beverage Cabinet

Betty starts with Prize 3 which is $480.
Betty then takes Prize 1 which is $225.
Betty has a hand of 2-2-8-5-4. Betty passes this Hand to the House.

Prize 2 is $477- AUTOMATIC WIN!
Prize 4 was $440.
Betty's winning Hand is 4-4-4-7-7- FULL HOUSE!


Donna ($530)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.55. Spins again and gets $0.45- $1.00! $1,000!!!
Betty ($1,881)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.40. Spins again and gets $0.25- $0.65
Ben ($2,531)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.95. Spins again and gets $0.25- OVER!

Donna is going to the Showcase



Glenn of California Dining Room Set
Arita China
Galaxy Carpeting
Eureka Cannister Vacuum Cleaner
Kawai Piano Grand Piano

Donna passes to Carrie who bids $3,200.

Zale Jewelers Diamond Ring
Oklahoma Furniture Round Bed
Benelli Phantom Motorcycle
Trip Around the World- Paris, France; New Delhi, India; Tokyo, Japan

Donna bids $5,330.

Carrie bid $3,200 on her Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $6,268.
A difference of $3,068.

Donna bid $5,330 on her Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $7,158
A difference of $1,828.

GRAND TOTAL: $8,688!!!