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Recap for January 06, 1977 (2194D)
« on: September 21, 2022, 03:05:46 PM »
Here it comes! The first big hour-long game show in television! The fabulous 60-minute Price is Right!

Evangelina, Leah, Linda and Regina, come on down! You are the first four contestants on The Price is Right!

Sam Moore Chippendale Wing Chairs and Ottoman

Regina- 700
Linda- 365
Leah- 425
Evangelina- 600

The Actual Retail Price is $500.

Leah will play ONE RIGHT PRICE to win a Hot Dog Cart and an Armoire.
The right price is $1,495. Where does it go?
Leah (with help from her sister) says the price goes on the Armoire.
Is she a winner? NO! $1,600

The Hot Dog Cart was $1,495.


Sir John, is there the possibility that you might find another participant out here in the studio audience?

Deborah, come on down! Bob rags on Leah's sister, warning Deborah not to take any suggestions from her.

Sugar Hill Furniture Albany Trunk

Deborah- 450
Regina- 325
Linda- 500
Evangelina- 375

BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! OVERBID! Go lower than $325.

Deborah- 200
Regina- 275
Linda- 300
Evangelina- 225

ARP: $305

Linda has a chance or should we say, TEN CHANCES to win some Washington Forge Tableware, a Bernhardt Bar Set and last but not least, a 1977 Chevrolet Chevette!

Tableware: 2, 1, 6- Which two numbers are in the price?
CHANCE 1: $61- NO!

Bar Set: 6, 9, 2, 4- Which three numbers are in the price?
CHANCE 3: $694- NO!
CHANCE 4: $269- NO!
CHANCE 5: $642- NO!
CHANCE 6: $426- NO!
CHANCE 7: $692- NO!

Car: 5, 3, 9, 6, 8- Which four numbers are in the price?
CHANCE 9: $3,695- NO!

The Car was $3,865!


Johnny Olson, who is our next contestant?

Nancy, come on down!

Pair or Raleigh Grand Prix Bicycles

Nancy- 330
Deborah- 350
Regina- 300
Evangelina- 375

ARP: $318

Regina will win a Glenn of California Dining Room Set and some Franciscan China worth $1,837 by playing HURDLES

The Hurdler today is Chap Stick Lip Balm which is $0.69.

HURDLE 1: Epoxy Furniture Adhesive and Shedd's Old Style Sauce
Which one is lower than $0.69? Regina says the Sauce.
The Sauce gets a Marker.

HURDLE 2: Dinty Moore Beef Stew and La Choy Soy Sauce.
Which one is lower than $0.69? Regina says the Soy Sauce.
The Soy Sauce gets a Marker.

HURDLE 3: Staley Syrup and Eskimo Pie Ice Cream
Which one is lower than $0.69. Regina says the Syrup.
The Syrup gets a Marker.

On to the Races!
The Hurdler comes up to Hurdle 1- $0.59- he clears it!
On to Hurdle 2- $0.57- CLEARED!
Now for that last Hurdle- $0.63- WINNER!!!


Leah ($305)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.90
Linda ($1,061)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.25. Spins again and gets $0.05- $0.30
Regina ($2,155)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.10. Spins again and gets $0.90! $1.00! $1,000

Regina is going to the Showcase


Well, the pace has picked up! We've won the last game played, the last shopping game. We just gave away $1,000 in cash and we are anxious to give away more prizes and we need another contestant, Johnny!

James, come on down! James watches the show every day ever since it started. He has 36 children and 14 great-grandchildren and he lives out in Palmdale somewhere. Alrighty then, let's get on to our Item.

Brazil Contempo Earth Chair and Foot Rest

James- 360
Nancy- 495
Deborah- 425
Evangelina- 299

ARP: $395

James will win an assortment of kitchen appliances from Western Auto- a range, a dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer and a washer/dryer all worth $2,255. He will be play CLIFF HANGERS!

Oh Lord this game! The centerpiece of Cliff Hangers is a game board with a stylized mountain slope (angled at about 45) that has a scale which runs from 0 at its base to 25 at the peak, which ends at a cliff. At the start of the game, there is a mountain climber named Hans on the 0 marks at the base of the mountain. The contestant is shown a two-digit prize and asked to bid on it. If he/she bid the actual price, Hans stays where he is. Otherwise, he moves up the mountain, advancing along the scale the number of dollars away the contestant's bid is from the actual price. To give an element of suspense to the game, the actual price is not revealed until after the climber has moved so that the contestant and audience will not know how far he will travel. If Hans remains on the mountain, the contestant wins that small prize. The process is repeated for two more two-digit prizes, generally of increasing value. Hans continues from the point at which he stopped for the previous prize. If Hans goes over the cliff at any point, the game ends; however, the contestant keeps any small prizes won up to that point. If the contestant's bids are a total of $25 or less away from the actual prices of the 2-digit prizes at the end of the game, the contestant wins all three small prizes and a grand prize.

Let's get this over with

PRIZE 1: House of Bloom Plant Care Products.
PRIZE 2: Sarah Coventry Necklace
PRIZE 3: Mary Kay Cosmetics

How much is Prize 1?
James says $30- WRONG!
Hans moves up to $3- the price is $27.

How much is Prize 2?
James says $150 but after the audience shouts, he changes his mind and says $280.
We all know it's wrong- so poor Hans is dead!
The necklace was $50.


Hey Johnny, who is our next contestant?

Linda Becker, come on down!

Rhea Rug

Linda- 325
Nancy- 300
Deborah- 425
Evangelina- 426

ARP: $340

Linda could win a 1977 Buick Regal by playing TEMPTATION

PRIZE 1: Blue Lustre Carpet Shampooer
The price is $59. Is the first number a 5 or a 9?
Linda says 5.
PRIZE 2: 3 pairs of Personality Shoes
The price is $60. Is the second number a 6 or a 0?
Linda says 0.
PRIZE 3: Smith-Corona Electric Typewriter
The price is $200. Is the third number a 2 or a 0?
Linda says 0.
PRIZE 4: Litton Microwave Oven
The price is $499. Is the last number a 4 or a 9?
Linda says 9.

Linda has a price of $5,009 for the Car- will she make changes?
After hearing the model of the car, Linda changes the second number to a 6.
Now she has a price of $5,609. Will she make more changes?
Linda changes the third number to a 2.
The price is now $5,629. Will Linda go for the car or will she take $818 in prizes?
Linda's going to try for the car!

The first number is 5.
The second number is 6- she made the right choice!
The third number is 0- SPOKE TOO SOON! LOSS!!
The last number was indeed a 9!

The car was $5,609!


Johnny, who's the next contestant please?

Milton, come on down!

Flexsteel Luxury Lounge Sofa

Milton- 390
Nancy- 350
Deborah- 345
Evangelina- 700

ARP: $425

Milton will play MOST EXPENSIVE for:

(1) Zenith Modular Stereo System
(2) Haversham Plantation Dry Sink
(3) Diversified Products Exercise Bike

Of these three Prizes, which one is the Most Expensive?
Milton says Prize 2. Let's see if he's right!

Prize 1 is $470.
Prize 3 is $373.
Prize 2 is............................$636! WINNER!!!


Linda ($340)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.85.
James ($422)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.75. Spins again and gets $1.00- OVER!
Milton ($1,909)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.60. Spins again and gets $0.20- $0.80

Linda is going to the Showcase



Broyhill Bedroom Set
Norman of Salisbury Bed Spread
Englander Imperial Mattress Set
4-Speed Dune Buggy

Regina passes to Linda who bids $3,400.

Sea Fashions of California Swimwear
Trip to Hawaii
Trip to Tahiti
Barnacle Bill Skiboat
Mercury Marine 770 Power Boat Engine
American Trailer boat trailer

Regina bids $6,660 on her Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $7,910.
A difference of $1,250.

Linda bid $3,400 on her Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $4,930.
A difference of $1,530.

GRAND TOTAL: $11,065!!!