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FPG 3/25/22 - RESULTS
« on: September 30, 2022, 12:53:54 AM »
I don't remember much about this game, besides being really excited to correctly predict that Golden Road was going to show up today. Cover was really due and wouldn't show up till next Tuesday, and with the other popular pick Check-Out. We also had a lot of people go with the wrong car game that offers money along with the car, Gas Money. Here's the lowdown:

Golden Road - 3 picks. dprice, 22FJB, and I each receive $15K and 4/4 for our efforts.
Flip Flop - 4 picks. Punchy, Jarod, Flerb, and dprice each get $10K. dprice and Punchy nail it, Flerb and Jarod get 1x PA.
Bonus Game - 4 picks. pricefan1991, JJ, 22FJB, and Flerb add $10K to their total. JJ nails it, FJB and 1991 gain 2x PA.
Balance Game - 3 picks. I, JJ and Kev each get 15K and 1 MP.
Most Expen$ive - 2 picks. $25K more for Kev and JJ. 2x PA for Kev as well.
Pass the Buck - 2 picks. tpir04 and JJ get $25K. JJ also gains $25K.

Lots of bonus cash floating around on that one. It was a battle of the slow roll vs. fast start and the slow roll just barely eked out a win. JJ finishes on top with 8/17 with 4 games picked. dprice finishes right behind with 8/16 on just two games. 22FJB gets bronze with 6/14 on two games as well.

We'll start back in a couple weeks, look out for some information coming soon regarding that. Until then, stay safe!
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