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Recap for May 18, 1977 (2383D)
« on: October 13, 2022, 08:50:29 PM »
Here it comes! Television's most exciting hour of fantastic prizes! The fabulous 60-minute Price is Right!

Martha, Judy, Octavia and Billie, come on down! You are the first four contestants on The Price is Right!

JVC 19-inch Hi-Fi Color TV

Martha- 350
Judy- 450
Octavia- 475
Billie- 476

The Actual Retail Price is $420

Martha will play RANGE GAME for a Coleman Valley Forge Camping Trailer.
The Range Today is $1,800-2,400 with a $150 Range Finder.
The Range Finder starts up and Martha stops it at $2,100-2,250.


Johnny, somewhere in this audience, there is a lady or gentleman that belongs in this spot on Contestant's Row! And the name of that person is....

Gertrude, come on down!

Robinson Furniture His and Her Rockers

Gertrude- 260
Judy- 300
Octavia- 455
Billie- 280

ARP: $350

Judy will win a 1977 Chevrolet Nova Sedan worth $4,607! Judy will be playing the relatively new game HOLE-IN-ONE!

HOLE-IN-ONE revolves around putting on a miniature golf-style hole which consists of a long straightaway ending in a circular area contained by a short rail. The hole is in the center of this area and is larger than a standard golf hole. The straightaway has six evenly spaced lines, the last of which is where the straightaway meets the circular area. The lines represent the possible distances from which the contestant will have to putt for the car. Six grocery items are used to determine the line from which line the contestant will putt. The contestant is asked to order the items from least to most expensive, with flags representing the items being placed in the given order at each line on the straightaway, starting with the one farthest from the hole. The prices are then revealed in the order the flags were placed. As long as each item is higher-priced than the previous item, the contestant moves up to that line. Otherwise, the contestant does not advance and the remaining flags are removed without their prices revealed. If the contestant orders the grocery items perfectly, he/she receives a cash bonus of $500.
The contestant has just ONE ATTEMPT to sink a putt from the line he/she earned to win the car; before this the host asks for silence from the in-studio audience so the contestant can putt correctly, as is the case for miniature golf tournaments. As in miniature golf, a putt counts if it is sunk after bouncing off the rail.

Let's see the Items Judy will be working with:
ITEM 1: Cheerios Cereal
ITEM 2: Daisy Legs Pantyhose
ITEM 3: HyTop Orange Juice
ITEM 4: Armor All Protectant Spray
ITEM 5: Goop Cleaner
ITEM 6: Enoz Moth Ice Crystals

What is the least Expensive Item to start with?
Judy starts with Item 3 on Line 1.
Judy next puts Item 1 on Line 2.
Judy then puts Item 6 on Line 3.
Judy then puts Item 2 on Line 4.
Judy then puts Item 5 on Line 5.
and Item 4 goes on the last Line.

LINE 1: $0.25
LINE 2: $0.51
LINE 3: $1.49
LINE 4: $2.79
LINE 5: $0.69!

Judy will be putting from Line 4.
She putts and......SHE MISSES!!!!


Who are we going to fetch now?

Antonino, come on down!

Gibson Foodmaster Refrigerator/Freezer with a supply of Hefty Food Bags for the winner

Antonino- 675
Gertrude- 725
Octavia- 620
Billie- 750

ARP: $700

Antonino or "Nino" will play DANGER PRICE for these four prizes:

(1) Lotus Chair
(2) Emperor Walnut Oak Grandfather Clock
(3) Sharp Microwave Oven
(4) Honda Trail Bike

The Danger Price today is $530.
Nino has to stay away from the prize that is the Danger Price.

Nino chooses Prize 1- $898
Nino next picks Prize 2- $415
Nino then picks Prize 3- $444! WINNER!!!
PRIZE 3 was the Danger Price!


Judy ($350)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.10. Spins again and gets $0.95- OVER!
Martha ($420)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.05. Spins again and gets $0.40- $0.45
Antonino ($2,987)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.85!

Antonino is going to the Showcase


Johnny, will you please announce the name of out next contestant?

Catherine, come on down!

Bumper Pool Table

Catherine- 400
Gertrude- 575
Octavia- 500
Billie- 565

ARP: $495

Catherine will play DOUBLE PRICES for a Bauer Baths Redland Hot Tub.
$2,650 or $2,895- Which one is the right price?
Catherine chooses $2,895- CORRECT!!!


Bob points out that Octavia and Billie have been in Contestant's Row since the beginning. Bob asks Billie if she watches the show. Billie watches every day so Bob asks what is the matter with her? ( :-o) Billie says she just needs the right prices. She claims to know the prices of washer and dryers. How about you, Octavia, what's her excuse? Octavia doesn't watch every day and Bob tells her that she's just where she belongs (Way to shame, Bob!) But we are going to have someone join them on this spot and that someone is.....

Barbara, come on down!

Bob asks Barbara if she has any particular thing she knows the price of- Barbara says no. Does Gertrude have anything in mind? Octavia or Billie? Bob tells them to bring out the "washer/dryer".

Samuel Kirk & Son Bird Flower Bracelet

Barbara- 450
Gertrude- 425
Octavia- 300
Billie- 475

ARP: $350

Octavia has won at last! Octavia has a chance to win a Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, a Whirlpool Washer/Dryer and of course, a 1977 Chevrolet Vega! Octavia has a chance or maybe TEN CHANCES to win those prizes

Coffee Maker: 5, 0, 8- What two numbers are in the price?
CHANCE 1: $58- NO

Washer/Dryer: 3, 1, 7, 0- What three numbers are in the price?
CHANCE 3: $730- NO

Bob cannot stop picking on Billie for one second about that Washer/Dryer, dude!

Now for that Vega: 5, 3, 9, 2, 1- What four numbers are in the car?
CHANCE 5: $3,295- NO
CHANCE 6: $3,521- NO
CHANCE 7: $5,239- NO
CHANCE 8: $3,925- NO
LAST CHANCE: $5,239- LOSS!!!

The Vega was $3,951


Who is our next participant?

Cathy, come on down!

Tappan Convectionaire Gas Range

Cathy- 500
Barbara- 630
Gertrude- 626
Billie- 625

ARP: $650

Barbara could win a trip to Hawaii, some American Tourister Luggage and some Jazzie Sport Clothes, a prize package worth $1,344. Oh NO! It's CLIFFHANGERS!

PRIZE 1: Bissell Carpet Sweeper
PRIZE 2: True Value E-Z Kare Latex Flat Enamel Paint
PRIZE 3: Personality Shoes

What is the price of Prize 1?
Barbara says $59- NO!
Hans moves ALL THE WAY UP TO $25! The price is $14- DAMN!
What is the price of Prize 2?
Barbara says $24- NO! AND HANS IS DEAD AGAIN!
The paint was $33.


Barbara ($664)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.50. Spins again and gets $0.80- OVER!
Octavia ($1,110)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.55
Catherine ($3,390)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.70

Catherine is going to the Showcase


TOP WINNER: Catherine
RUNNER UP: Antonino

Dumas Brothers Living Room Set
Cambridge Carpet Mills Carpeting
Filter Queen Vacuum Cleaner
Aeolian The Sting Player Piano

Catherine passes to Antonino who bids $3,650.

What do you think about Red China?Red China would go great in a new Dining Room! Broyhill Dining Room wth some Red China
What should we do about the energy crisis confronting Americans? Americans will have a lot more energy if they got more sleep in a new Waterbed! Wavecrest Waterbed
We've heard a lot about your new cabinet but we haven't seen it yet. Well it's a new Wine Cabinet! The Wine Vault Wine Cabinet
This is a sensitive topic but i feel it is our duty to bring it up. There have been rumors in the press in the last month that you were Russian. It's true I am "Russian" in my brand new Cadillac! A 1977 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

Catherine bids $12,000 on her Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $15,084
A difference of $3,084.

Antonino bid $3,650 on his Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $4,395
A difference of $745.

GRAND TOTAL: $7,382!!! but where did that $7,407 come from? I went over all the amounts and $7,382 is the actual amount.