Author Topic: Tom Kennedy PIR (Taped in February 1986)  (Read 1159 times)

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Tom Kennedy PIR (Taped in February 1986)
« on: October 19, 2022, 01:57:37 PM »
After some recaps of James' Nighttime PIR, is time for some recaps of the Kennedy's version!
Brenda Sattebeck, COME ON DOWN! Denise Paron, COME ON DOWN! Carla Robertson, COME ON DOWN! And, Roger Melka, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #1: Oriental Grandfather Clock by Dykstra Glass

Roger: $1,450 | Carla: $1,600 | Denise: $900 | Brenda: $1,100

ARP: $1,625

Carla is the first winner of the night, and show she can win a Honda Spree Motor Scooter, a Chromcraft Oak Dinette Set w/ 4 Chairs, a set of Amelia Earhart Luggage and an R.C. Gorman Lithograph entitled "Trading Woman" from Steve Stein's Gallery, if she avoid the DANGER PRICE

Danger Price: $1,383

First Choice: Luggage -> $688
Second Choice: Artwork -> $1,850
Final Choice: Dinette -> $1,383

Price of the Scooter: $398

Cheryl Nichelay, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #2: Hotpoint Washer & Dryer + Supply of Leg Looks by Burlington Hosiery (as a bonus)

Roger: $951 | Cheryl: $950 | Denise: $825 | Brenda: $890

ARP: $1,008

Roger have a chance to drive back home to New Castle, Indiana in a brand-new Buick Regal Limited Coupe, and if he wins the car, he gets as a bonus, a Sony Car Stereo. Roger can win all of this, if he win the DELUXE DICE GAME

First Number: 1

Roger's rolls:
Second Number - Dice: 1 | NO | Automatic Higher
Third Number - Dice: 5 | NO | Guess: Lower
Fourth Number - Dice: 1 | NO | Automatic Higher
Fifth Number - Dice: 2 | NO | Guess: Higher

First Number: 1 (free number)
Second Number: 2 (right)
Third Number: 3 (right)
Fourth Number: 3 (right)
Fifth Number: 5 (right)

ARP of the car: $12,335

(Tom talks about the little mistake he made. During the playing of Deluxe Dice Game, he say twice, than a zero could appear on the price of the car. Everybody knows on of the important rules of Dice Game: There's no zeros on the price of the car and no numbers higher than a 6. Tom knews that, however, he forgot that rule. But, he corrects himself)

Bonnie Nichols, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #3: Exercise Equipment from D.P. - Fit for Life + Supply of Sensodyne Search Tootbrush (as a bonus)

Bonnie: $1,300 | Cheryl: $1,150 | Denise: $1,600 | Brenda: $1,700

ARP: $1,398

In a hurry, Bonnie won the gym equipment, now she can win a fabulous trip to Holland (RT coach for 2 from L.A. to London and then to Amsterdam by British Caledonian Airways; week-stay "european plan" at Amsterdam Marriott) and a Olympus "Quick Shooter" 35mm Camera w/ accessory kit, all worth $5,311! And she can win, finding the SECRET "X"


The two other prizes are:
A selection of L'erin Cosmetics
A Salton Home Deep Fryer

Cosmetics: $14/$27 | ARP: $27


Fryer: $105/$133 | ARP: $105



Top Winner: Roger | Runner Up: Bonnie

For mom: A 6-burner Professional Range w/ 2 large ovens, brolier and grill
For dad: Snapper 11hp Lawn Tractor
For son and daughter: A pair of Chevrolet S10 Blazer 4x4's

Roger bids $28,000

Showcase #2:
A children's flower wagon Bunk Bed by Jump's Room Rascals
A bedroom set from Vaughn-Bassett
Norman's of Salisbury Bedding Ensemble
Sealy "Posturepedic" Queen-size Mattress Set
Hawkeye Swim Spa

Bonnie bids $20,000

Roger bids $28,000 | ARP is $35,961 | difference of $7,961
Bonnie bids $20,000 | ARP is $13,935 | OVER

Roger won an impressive total of $50,499! Including, 3 CARS!!

Contestants not appeared on stage receive: Desserts from Desert of the Month Club, Jules Jurgensen Ladies' "Classic Series" Diamond Dial Watch, Eureka's Ultra Upright Vaccum Cleaner, a supply of Lipton Fruit Tea, a supply of Lee's High Fashion Nail Tips and a supply of Bare Elegance Moisturizing Body Shampoo
Pricing Games: 2 of 3
Total Winnings: $58,965
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Re: Tom Kennedy PIR (Taped in February 1986)
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2022, 09:32:09 PM »
I've heard about a $68,138 win towards the end of the run, but this is by far the biggest win we've ever seen online.