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Tom Kennedy PIR (Taped in October 1985)
« on: October 20, 2022, 01:22:52 PM »
Lori Ghios, COME ON DOWN! Ryan Banks, COME ON DOWN! Kimberly Ann Spova, COME ON DOWN! And, Naomi Ortega, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #1: O'Keefe & Merritt Microwave Range

Naomi: $750 | Kimberly: $1,100 | Ryan: $920 | Lori: $950

ARP: $1,695

Kimberly is the first winner of the night. Now, she's gonna take a trip down the GOLDEN ROAD. And she can win:
  • A new Pfaff "Hitmatic 1147" Sewing Machine, on the beginning of the road
  • A beautiful Brass and Black Enamel Bed from Brass Bed Co. of America w/ Simmons "Beauty Rest" Mattress Set, on the next stop
  • And on the end of the Golden Road, a new Cadillac Eldorado Convertible worth over $36,000!

Everything starts with: a box of 100 Mead envelopes worth 79¢

Sewing Machine - Price: $*59 | Guess: 7 | ARP: $759 (WIN!)
Brass/Enamel Bed - Price: $2,*10 | Guess: 5| ARP: $2,910 (LOSS)
Terri Bowlee, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #2: Family of Jamis Bicycles (2 5-speed bikes for adults, and 2 for the kids)

Naomi: $550 | Terri: $780 | Ryan: $600 | Lori: $875

ARP: $890

Lori has a big supporting group in the audience, and hopefully, they can help her to win the GROCERY GAME for an H.T.B. Lane 6-piece Contemporary Living Room Set (Sofa, 2 Chairs and 3 Tables) worth $4,344!

The grocery items are:
S&W Maple Sugar Beans
Gerber Rice Cereal for Baby
Campbell's Chunky Soup
Morton Salt

First Purchase: 6 rices, 1 is 83¢, total of $4.98
Second Purchase: 4 salts, 1 is 31¢, come to $1.24, total of $6.22
Third Purchase: 1 soup, 1 is $1.08, total of $7.30

Lisa Simpson, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #3: A Queen Anne-Style 3-Panel Mirror Screen by Arnold's of San Diego

Naomi: $695 | Terri: $1,150 | Ryan: $900 | Lisa: $850

ARP: $1,000

Ryan won the screen, and he is excited. But, he's gonna be more excited when he saw a new West Wight Potter 19 Sailboat w/ Trailer by HMS Marine, but he's only gonna win if the beats the DOUBLE PRICES

Sailboat: $6,581/$7,690 | ARP: $7,690

Top Winner: Ryan | Runner Up: Kimberly

Selection of Fragrances w/ a Perfume created by Paloma Picasso
A Picasso Evening Gown by Jeran
An original Pablo Picasso Artwork entitled "Carnival" from Steve Stein's Gallery
Trip to Spain (RT coach for 2 from L.A. to New York then to Madrid by Iberia Airlines; 6-night stay at Meliá Madrid)

Ryan passes, Kimberly bids $9,500

Change the basement to a recreation room with: A Nintendo 2-Player Dual-Screen Video Baseball Arcade Game
Change the den to an office with: A Broyhill Roll Top Desk w/ Chair
Give a new look to the backyard with: A new "Rally Sport" Ultralight Airplane by Rotec Engineering
Finally, move out the old kids' playhouse and replace with: A new Dolphin Motorhome

Ryan bids $25,000

Ryan bids $25,000 | ARP is $33,772 | difference of $8,772
Kimberly bids $9,500 | ARP is $21,323 | difference of $11,823

Ryan won a big total of $42,462!

Contestants not appearing on stage will receive: Jules Jurgensen Ladies' "Classic Series" Diamond Dial Watch, a supply of Lee's High Fashion Nail Tip, Clear Guard Protection from Turtle Wax, a supply of Ragu Pasta Meals, Py-Co-Pay Softex Toothbrushes and New Skin Liquid Bandage
Pricing Games: 1 of 3
Total Winnings: $45,806
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