Author Topic: FPG 10/28/22 - RESULTS  (Read 314 times)

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FPG 10/28/22 - RESULTS
« on: October 28, 2022, 04:53:26 PM »
It was looking like a pretty boring Seat lineup through 4 games (which with the Cliff/Seat dilemma already hurt some lineups). Then we decided to rehash a lineup from less than a year ago (check the recap for today's show for that info) and things got more interesting. After getting Spree and Danger this week, nobody was expecting to get a 3rd 4P this week. That is unless you think More or Less is a 4P and I do not. MoL was already out the door once Hot Seat hit, but that didn't mean we got OA or Card Game as some of you may have thought. No, that meant we got our first NCFAC in some time, and it was actually capitalized upon. Definitely helped spice up a decent, but snoozy scoring affair. Here's the rundown:

Any Number - 5 picks. 22FJB nails it.
Bargain Game - 9 picks. Plinkoman, Flerb, and 04 all nailed it. FJB earns 2x PA.
Hot Seat - 5 picks. Everyone who picked it nailed it. Punchy and Wayo maxed out while Punchy and dprice earn 4x PA.
Double Prices - Most picked with 10. dprice nailed it, Hag and I gain 1x PA, Kev and Jarod get 2x PA.
Race Game - SANDBAG.
Grocery Game (for a CAR) - 2 picks. FJB gets 25K; Wayo earns that plus an additional $100K for correctly predicting the NCFAC and also earns 2x PA.

FJB's back and with a runner-runner no less. He'll be taking the gold with 12/52. dprice and Wayo finish neck and neck with dprice barely edging him out with a score of 10/38. Wayo has the most cash, however, thanks to his Grocery pick even in third with 10/36.

Come back next time as we head into November and really dig into the Christmas season. Too soon? I don't think so with everyone already getting their Christmas sales and displays going. I will see you all then.

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Re: FPG 10/28/22 - RESULTS
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2022, 06:20:57 PM »
Happiest I've ever been to be in 3rd, been wanting to hit on a NCFAC at least once in my FPG "career".
S5x... the show's stabilized into something decent now, I guess...