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Recap for October 25, 1977 (2532D)
« on: December 05, 2022, 04:46:19 PM »
Here it comes! Television's most exciting hour of fantastic prizes! The fabulous 60-minute Price is Right!

Wanda, Glenda, Madeline and Michael, come on down! You are the first four contestants on The Price is Right!

3-Panel Mirror Screen

Michael- 425
Madeline- 450
Glenda- 350
Wanda- 325

The Actual Retail Price is $895.

Madeline could win a Modular Sofa worth $3,374 if she can play GROCERY GAME correctly.

Today's TRIP Supermarket Specials:
ITEM 1: Crystal Pure Hot Sauce
ITEM 2: Bordo Pitted Dates
ITEM 3: El Chico Frozen Enchilada Dinner
ITEM 4: Rice-a-Roni
ITEM 5: Certs Mints

Madeline starts with Item 5 and buys 30(!) of them
One costs $0.15 and thirty of them are $4.50.
Madeline next picks Item 4 and buys 6 of them (and the audience's protests are foreboding)
One costs $0.79 and six of them are $4.74. Madeline's total is $9.24- SO OVER!!


Johnny, will you please annouce the name of out next participant?

Linda, come on down!

Tappan Trash Compactor and some Taster's Choice Coffee for the winner

Linda- 450
Michael- 486
Glenda- 375
Wanda- 485

BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! OVERBID! Go lower than $375.

Linda- 325
Michael- 326
Glenda- 275
Wanda- 265

BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! OVERBID AGAIN! Go lower than $275 this time.

Linda- 250
Michael- 220
Glenda- 200
Wanda- 240

ARP: $260

Linda could win a Chevrolet Nova Hatchback by playing CARD GAME

The amount Linda has to be away from without going over is $500.

OPENING BID: 9 of Clubs- $900
BID 2: 2 of Hearts- $200- $1,100
BID 3: 3 of Hearts- $300- $1,400
BID 4: 8 of Clubs- $800- $2,200
BID 5: 2 of Clubs- $200- $2,400
BID 6: 5 of Spades- $500- $2,900
BID 7: 8 of Spades- $800- $3,700
BID 8: 3 of Diamonds- $300- $4,000- That's where she stops

Linda has a bid of $4,000.
The Actual Retail Price is $5,316.
A difference of $1,316- LOSS!!!


Johnny Olson, who is headed our way now?

Avilia, come on down!

Pontiac Comfort Mate Wall-a-Matic Rocker and Recliner

Avilia- 250[/b]
Michael- 650
Glenda- 499
Wanda- 720

ARP: $591

Glenda will win a dining room group by playing our new game, SQUEEZEPLAY

In SQUEEZEPLAY, a contestant is faced with a set of five numbers, one of which doesn't belong in the actual retail price of the prize and must be removed from the group. The contestant cannot remove the first & last numbers, for they are the right numbers and in the correct positions. Once a number has been taken out, the remaining numbers squeeze together. If it's the correct price, the contestant wins.

The Numbers are: 1 6 5 0 8
Which one of the middle numbers does not belong?
Glenda takes out the 6.
The numbers squeeze together to make a price of $1,508
Is this correct? NO! $1,658


Linda ($260)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.60. Spins again and gets $0.60- OVER!
Glenda ($591)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.10. Spins again and gets $0.25- $0.35
Madeline ($895)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.05. Spins again and gets $0.40- $0.45

Madeline is going to the Showcase


Johnny, I want the name of the lady or gentleman that will take this spot right here in Contestant's Row!

Michael Cooper, come on down!

Monteverdi Stereo Console

Michael C- 550
Avilia- 400
Michael- 350
Wanda- 435


Avilia is $100 wealthier and will play MOST EXPENSIVE for these three prizes:

(1) Pfaff Sewing Machine
(2) Honda Trail 70 Bike
(3) Chromcraft Beverage Center

Of these three Prizes, which one is the Most Expensive?
Avilia chooses Prize 2. Did she choose correctly?

Prize 1 is $872.
Prize 2 is $512.
Prize 2 is.....................$444! LOSS!


Alright Johnny, let's go out into our studio audience and find ourselves a winner.

Marilee, come on down!

Johnson Industries Rain Lamps

Marilee- 425
Michael C- 440
Michael- 441
Wanda- 130

ARP: $280

Wanda could win a Buick Skyhawk by playing 3 STRIKES

The Numbers are: 4, 9, 5 and 0

PICK 1: 5- Where does it go?
Wanda says the first number? CORRECT! $5---
PICK 4: 4- Where does it go?
Wanda says the Third Spot- NO!
PICK 5: 0- Where does it go?
Wanda says the Second spot- CORRECT! $50--
PICK 6: 4- Now we know where it goes!
The Last Spot! CORRECT! $50-4

This last pick is the one that decides the game! How will this game turn out?

The Car was $5,094


Here comes our next contestant! Who is it, Johnny?

Jerry, come on down!

Jay Zobotnik Backgammon Table

Jerry- 255
Marilee- 500
Michael C- 290
Michael- 289

ARP: $610

Wow! Marilee makes it out and has a chance to play BONUS GAME for a trip to Hawaii and a Eumic 31X 8MM camera worth $1,543!

PRIZE 1: Butlers-Maling's Shoes
The price is not $65. Is the right price Higher or Lower?
Marilee says HIGHER- LOWER! $58
PRIZE 2: Broxodent Automatic Action Toothbrush
The price is not $28. Is the right price Higher or Lower?
Marilee says LOWER- CORRECT! $24
PRIZE 3: GM Child's Love Seat Car Seat
The price is not $40. Is it Higher or Lower?
Marilee says HIGHER- CORRECT! $44
PRIZE 4: Hankscraft Humidifier
The price is not $30. Is it Higher or Lower?
Marilee says HIGHER- LOWER! $25

So, Half and Half- that's a tough one.
Where is the BONUS? FIRST SPOT! LOSS!!!


Wanda ($280)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.70.
Avilia ($500)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.20. Spins again and gets $0.05- $0.25
Marilee ($678)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.15. Spins again and gets $0.60- $0.75

Marilee is going to the Showcase


TOP WINNER: Madeline
RUNNER UP: Marilee

Western Auto Appliances- Double Oven Range, Dishwasher, Refrigerator/Freezer and a Washer/Dryer
Broyhill Bedroom Set
India Ink Bedspread
Therepedic Medic Coil Mattress Set

Madeline passes to Marilee who bids $4,900

California Products Spring Waterfall Fountain
Muskin Swimming Pool
Lava Lite Lava Lamp
Progress Lighting Crystal Chandelier
Pie Safe
Wine Wault Wine Storage Cabinet
Raleigh Grand Prix 10-Speed Bicycle
Chevrolet Chevette
Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Madeline bids $18,200 on her Showcase
The Actual Retail Price is $19,016.
A difference of $816.

Marilee bid $4,900 on her Showcase
The Actual Retail Price is $4,247- OVER!

GRAND TOTAL: $19,911!!!

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Re: Recap for October 25, 1977 (2532D)
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2022, 12:01:32 PM »
Thinking about the incredible showcase (that included the Cadillac) for a moment, I have to wonder if this was a showcase originally intended for the nighttime show, given the length of the presentation (being typical for the era, if Dennis James-era episodes are any indication), and someone decided this would be good for the daytime show ...

... or this was intended for the daytimer all along and they wanted for once the oohs and ahhs for the home audience who watched just the daytime show?

Either way, a potential haul of $30,000  assuming the player who played Card Game for the Chevrolet Nova won the Showcase Showdown and spun $1.00 once on the Big Wheel (for the $1,000), then went on to win both showcases is pretty incredible for 1977.

Which leads to another observation ... I am presuming that CBS still had the absolute $25,000 winnings ceiling in place and that it would be sometime in 1978 when the absolute max of $35,000 ($25,000 limit, plus whatever a contestant won up to $10,000 over the limit) was put in place. Meaning, this might have been a extremely rare situation where there was the potential of a contestant having to give up some of their prizes to get to within the $25,000 limit, correct?