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Buzzr Lost & Found January 21

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Here's what Buzzr has uncovered for this edition of Lost & Found, with all times Eastern:

11 AM - Winner Take All (circa 1950). This was Goodson-Todman's first TV venture and was the first game/quiz to use lockout buzzers.

11:40 - It's News To Me (circa 1952). With John Daly. A celebrity panel uses visual clues to supply the story to news events.

12:20 - Choose Up Sides (1956). A kids' game show  with Gene Rayburn and the voice of Don Pardo as "Mr. Mischief."

1 PM - Strike It Rich. According to the on-screen schedule from Comcast, this was the 1986 Joe Garagiola edition.

1:30 - Double Dare. The G-T edition with Alex Trebek.

3 PM - Make The Connection  (1955). With Gene Rayburn. A celebrity panel tried to determine the connection between two guests.

3:40 - Play For Keeps! (1955). Unsold pilot. Returning champions decide whether to leave with what they've won or risk some of their winnings against an opponent. Sonny Fox hosts.

4:20 - Play Your Hunch (circa 1960). Merv Griffin hosts. Is the correct answer to a situation X, Y or Z? Intuition is the key factor.

5:30 - Beat The Clock. Bud Collyer and his couples and stunts.

7 PM - To Tell The Truth. Bud Collyer edition.

7:30 - Star Words (1983). Unsold pilot for CBS with Nipsey Russell from 1983. Think Password meets Tattletales. It was intended to replace Child's Play at 10:30 AM ET but the green light was given to Press Your Luck.

8:30 - On A Roll (1986). Unsold pilot, possibly for CBS. Contestants use dice to fill out a word puzzle. David Sparks hosts.

1. pretty sure the Choose Up Sides episode is the pilot (given that it's from 1953), with Bob Kennedy as host.
2. the Beat the Clock shows are actually from Gene Wood's run as host.
3. To Tell The Truth is from the Robin Ward season.

Also of note...
1. Each 2-hour block is seen each weekday from January 16 to 20, from 4pm to 6pm. (Winner Take All/It's News to Me/Choose Up Sides on Monday, Strike it Rich/Double Dare on Tuesday, etc.)
2. the Double Dare shows, are the three pilot episodes.

Ah, thanks for clarifying. Comcast's on screen schedule wasn't very succinct.

Here's the real schedule:

Monday, January 16
4:00pm - Winner Take All 51_0001 (original airdate 4/12/1951)
4:40pm - It's News to Me 52_0001 (original airdate 7/20/1952)
5:20pm - Choose Up Sides 53_0001 (original airdate 9/24/1953)

Tuesday, January 17
4:00pm - Strike it Rich 86_0001
4:30pm - Double Dare 76_PLT1
5:00pm - Double Dare 76_PLT2
5:30pm - Double Dare 76_PLT3

Wednesday, January 18
4:00pm - Make the Connection 55_0011 - Celebrity guests: Fred Allen and Meredith Wilson (original airdate 9/22/1955)
4:40pm - Play for Keeps 55_PLT1
5:20pm - Play Your Hunch 58_0001 (original airdate 7/30/1958)

Thursday, January 19
4:00pm - Beat the Clock 72_0011
4:30pm - Beat the Clock 72_0012
5:00pm - Beat the Clock 72_0013
5:30pm - Beat the Clock 72_0014

Friday, January 20
4:00pm - To Tell The Truth 80_0001
4:30pm - Star Words 83_PLT2
5:00pm - Star Words 83_PLT3
5:30pm - On a Roll 86_PLT2

Much obliged. All information is most helpful.


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