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Buzzr Lost & Found January 21

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Game Girl:
here are some of the others.

News to me this is the one I was looking forward to and it was pretty good though for one of the questions I did not realise they were talking for military ships I thought they were talking about cruise ships into the guy mention military stuff. (definitely since there was a Queen Mary cruise ship.) The Olympic flag was a highlight. and the made up story with someone being given every copy of a song how did he fall for that one.

for choose up sides I had a lot to write on it but I am going to truncated to basically saying it looks like to be a predecessor to the nickelodeon game shows if they took place in comicon and hosted by a auctioneer. (He seems to calm down by the second half but he was fast.) but over the course of episode it did grow on me. The weird thing I thought of is I wonder if this is the show that inspired the person to make galaxy rangers a cartoon in the 1980s since the two teams are space Rangers and Cowboys.

on Play for keeps has this weird triangle thing that look like icicles for estimated 2 seconds. is that supposed to be a special affect to show that she won or a defect. if it is intentional it is pretty cool. The concept of the show itself is nice, like a card sharks end game in which you have to choose what you gamble but with participation instead of endgame.

Game Girl:
Strike It Rich was great and fascinating not much to talk about compare to the rest but it was amazing because they had great prices on here that were cool. This would be a good show to have on the schedule.

double dare was amazing. The quote the into of the show with was great. The "spoilers" seems to be a prelude to the Chasers as both shows has the same description for when the host describes what they do on the show.


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