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Buzzr Lost & Found January 21

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I'm especially looking forward to those rare early 1950s shows on Wednesday, as well as the Double Dare '76 pilots on Tuesday along with the Wednesday shows and the Friday pilots. BUZZR previously aired the first pilots of Play For Keeps, Star Words and On A Roll on previous Lost & Found specials, and  Those Beat The Clock episodes were last seen in the late '90s on GSN's weekend schedule, and I still can't get over how so many of the credits read "Boss" on that version. That Strike It Rich episode, presuming its the premiere, is hardly lost and found; both an original broadcast copy and the Amazon Prime copy exist on the trading circuit. Interestingly, I found an original broadcast copy in 2019 of a Strike It Rich '86 episode off of KDKA, when it graveyard it and every other commercial was for Lee Press-On Nails!


--- Quote from: Thatgameshowguy on January 09, 2023, 03:42:41 PM ---Thursday, January 19
4:00pm - Beat the Clock 72_0011
4:30pm - Beat the Clock 72_0012
5:00pm - Beat the Clock 72_0013
5:30pm - Beat the Clock 72_0014

--- End quote ---

Any idea on who the celebrity was this particular week? Also, based on production number, would I also be correct in presuming this was the first (produced) week of the 1972-1973 season with Gene Wood?



--- Quote from: Ccook on January 09, 2023, 02:14:26 PM ---7:30 - Star Words (1983). Unsold pilot for CBS with Nipsey Russell from 1983. Think Password meets Tattletales. It was intended to replace Child's Play at 10:30 AM ET but the green light was given to Press Your Luck.

8:30 - On A Roll (1986). Unsold pilot, possibly for CBS. Contestants use dice to fill out a word puzzle. David Sparks hosts.

--- End quote ---

Those 2 and the Body Language pilot all used "Working Girl March" from the movie "Tootsie" as the opening theme.

The weekday airings will be replayed at Midnight ET.

Unrelated: Talkabout returns to the weekday line-up at 8:30 AM Eastern.


--- Quote from: Ccook on January 14, 2023, 07:32:15 AM ---Unrelated: Talkabout returns to the weekday line-up at 8:30 AM Eastern.

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Actually, Talkabout has been back since January 2nd.


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