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Taking a chance for June 6th
« on: June 03, 2007, 11:06:46 PM »
Happy Sunday Everyone!

We are three sisters from MN with airplane tickets,standby tickets to TPIR,  t-shirts, car rental and a dream! ;-) We are doing this in memory of our father that past away this year. He was a big fan of TPIR too and would of turned 65 on June 15 the last show date. So you can see why this is sooo important to us!

We are not able to fly in until 12 am on June 6th.
If there is a chance that someone needs people to take a shift and help relieve you to give you a much needed break. We are you team! You could refuel and regenerate. Did I mention I was a massage therapist?! Anyone that has advice or could help us please reply. We know time is ticking but it would mean the world to us and we would pay it forward!!!!!
It will not be the same without Bob!
Good luck to everyone in the next couple of days!
I am so excited for this experience!
Gretchyhoo from MN :-D