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Various news stories (such as this one from Variety) are gaining traction in the past few days concerning a possible boycott of the upcoming Tournament of Champions for next season, which brought up a post from the Jeopardy subreddit on Reddit from 13-day champion Ray Lalonde (the original poster of the post on Reddit who is an IATSE member who works in scenic design), leading a group of qualified contestants from this past season in solidarity with the striking WGA writers who have decided not to participate in the upcoming annual Tournament of Champions. This solidary with the writers follows reports from late last week that the show may recycle old clues if the ongoing WGA strike remains unresolved by the time taping begins for next season.

Much as a uniform annual TOC would be a net positive, it would be worse if not impossible to attempt it if, in fact, few would show up. More harm than good for the show. So be it..move on to recycled content and new shows with regular gameplay.

Game Girl:

--- Quote from: PatrickRox80 on May 24, 2023, 08:30:34 AM ---The controversy is being kept alive by so-called fans who keep showing the same ignorance for the rules. The news sites showing the same disregard for the judges donít help matters.

Itís like blaming an umpire for striking out. You accomplish nothing, you look stupid doing it, but itís the easiest thing to do.

--- End quote ---

technically they do allow 'phonetic spelling'. some thing I know since I am also bad in spelling. I am personally on the side of them allowing it. I probably would have been more passionate if this was not go 2 for him (since he came back already) and go 3 would be awkward. when I watch the performance that's how it sounded. (and this was chosen by the teacher for University)

ABC's fall schedule has gone through some adjustments as Season 2 of Celebrity Jeopardy (now hosted by Ken Jennings and with already written clues from before the Writer's Guild of America strike began.) will premiere on Wednesday, September 27 at 8 pm, followed by Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and The $100,000 Pyramid.


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