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Itís Time for Pricing Game Retirements

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On the first show of 2023, Drew announced that Back to Ď7X would be returning to the pricing game rotation going forward with the title being updated to ensure that the reference point was always 50 years ago. The claim was that Back to í72 was going to be for Season 50 onlyÖbut gotcha, that doesnít stop them from changing the name and bringing it forward each year! I believe that not only should this game be retired but the pricing game rotation overall would do well to have some of the other games removed.

I understand that ďevery game is somebodyís favoriteĒ, but there was an all time high in Season 50 where there were 79 pricing games in the active rotation. There are still only 1,140 pricing game slots each season, so a higher number of games means less playings for all and the continued pressure towards reducing run time means the shorter games need to get priority.

Here is a list of 5 games, in order, that I would retire and think the show would be better off without.

1. Back to Ď7X
While there are many games that take bits and pieces from others, Back to Ď7X is just easier Cliff Hangers with old prizes (which it took from Now or Then). Itís also hurting the other SP games to fit it into lineups Ė hereís the list of games that either tied or had their lowest number of appearances in Season 50 compared to Seasons 46 or 47 (Seasons 48 and 49 are unfair comparisons as due to COVID there were less episodes):

* Cliff Hangers
* Hot Seat
* Pathfinder
* Plinko
* Secret "X"
* Switcheroo2. Magic #
Last played November 17, 2021, Iím just looking for an official word that this is no longer active. I hope we get the story eventually about what happened and can clear up the silly computer rumor, but itís been set up inexplicably crazy for so long itís just better to put it on the shelf and move on.

3. Time i$ Money
There are only 3 or 4 cash games played per week and Plinko is quite likely to take one spot, so there is no need to have 9 in the active rotation. With To The Penny being introduced there is now an excess of GP cash games. Time i$ Money remains difficult to fit with other games since it takes so long to play. While I would like to see Hot Seat in this spot instead, it seems like retiring Time would be the better choice (Hot Seat should have 1 of its SPís removed to lower the run time too).

4. Shopping Spree
The longer multiprizers are under pressure based on time constraints and not giving away cash or cars. One of them needs to go to help the others, and this one is the most disposable to me based on being the least memorable and the gameplay being derivative of Most Expensive.

5. Check Game
The one on this list I would personally hate to lose the most. While itís still fun to see contestants not know how to play the game, the show is quickly reaching the point where an explanation of checks themselves will also be required. Already removing the requirement to write out the rest of the check and fighting inflation, the game is just not the same as what it once was. Do The Math also now gives away money along with prizes in a similar way (Prize +/- Cash = Prize instead of Prize + Cash = Total). I might be interested in repurposing the mechanic in the future, but I think this game has unfortunately run its course.

Do you agree that some retirements are in order? Thoughts on different games besides the ones I suggested?

Gridlock is a chromed derivative of Money Game and really adds nothing to me.

If we have to retire a cash game, then it should be to the penny. Its rules are contrived and feel like theyíre being made up on the spot, plus thereís too many fail-safes for a win to feel ďrightĒ. $25k also feels very high for a game that gives you all the answers. By far the weakest game introduced in the Drew era.

Back is one I like a lot. Itís not going to set the world on fire by any means, but itís a fun little homage to the showís past and is quite winnable and generous all around.

I donít think any games need to be retired - seeing every game at least once every three weeks is good enough, and there are going to be some games like Golden Road that simply would lose some of their charm if they got played even more than once a month. You mention 9 active cash games, but if one of them takes two weeks off on occasion, I donít think that hurts anything.

Keep in mind too that even as late as season 22, games were still being played occasionally twice in a week, and thatís something I hope we donít ever return to.

I do agree with you about Back to 7x, Back to 72 was fun as a nod to 1972 for the show's 50th season, but it's not really necessary to play anymore. Even if they remade it with the same format using modern small prizes, it would just be Cliff Hangers with more room for error.

I'd rather see Magic # with a new set then just retired, and I was surprised they brought back Check Game with a new set a few years ago rather than retiring it since checks are becoming more and more a thing of the past. It does have its charm though. I disagree about Time is Money and Shopping Spree though.


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