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WPG Primetime 2/22/23 - Date My Price Edition
« on: February 21, 2023, 11:37:07 AM »
Hey guys, we've been relatively unspoiled these past couple weeks, so I'm going to try and do one more of these before the TPIR@Night goes to bed for some time. So it'll be an actual WPG, along with another O/U just in time for dating couples to try their hand at this show. Whether you are in the company of another or enjoying the alone time, see what you can do with these choices. Send in your lineups as normal and also submit your O/U choices. I will give you until 2 PM ET (just after the west coast airing of Wednesday's daytime show) to get those submissions in.

This is separate from the regular leaderboard, so just relax and enjoy the show tomorrow.

SPOILERS: Just one game so far, and that happens to be (Do the Math)

1) O/U Total of all IUFB ARPs: $18,350.2
2) O/U Total # of $35,000+ Cars: 2.9
3) O/U Total Contestant Winnings: $202,202.2
4) O/U Cash won in Casher: $2,536
5) O/U Total # of Games Won (no Partials): 3.5
6) O/U Total of Combined Showcase ARPs: $100,000.1
7) O/U Most Expensive IUFB ARP: $5,825.3
8) O/U Biggest Contestant's Winnings: $80,292.1
9) O/U Amount of Money won on Big Wheel: $920.9
10) O/U # of New to Primetime Games: .5
11) O/U Total of all SP ARPs: $298.4
12) Will we get a 2 car reveal at any point (PGs or SCs)? Yes / No
13) Will both showcases have a car? Yes / No
14) Will the lineup have more than 1 GP and 1 SP? Yes / No
15) Will we get a marriage proposal? Yes / No
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