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Recap for September 08, 1997 (0431K, Season Premiere #26)
« on: March 15, 2023, 12:19:08 AM »
Episode #0431K
Aired: 9/8/1997; Tape Date
Models: Janice Pennington, Kathleen Bradley, Chantal Dubay
Announcer: Rod Roddy
Bob Entrance: Door #2
Mic Handoff: Janice
First Four Contestant Seating: Left to right

In the intro, Rod mentions that TPiR is America's longest-running game show. There are decorations to mark the occasion, though the doors from the 25th season are just updated to 26.

It truly is amazing that, as of the posting of this recap (second half of Season 51), we are further from this episode than this episode was from the premiere of 
The New Price is Right in September 1972.

First IUFB: Trip to Las Vegas (RT Coach for 2 LA to Las Vegas on Reno Air; 6n Harrah's Las Vegas Casino; ARP: $1,150) (Chantal)

$600 $550 $650 $450 MICHELLE

Michelle will play Cover Up for a Lincoln Town Car Signature! (Jack Nicklaus Edition Package, Touring Package, trunk-mounted CD changer, voice-activated car phone, CA emission) (Kathleen)

BOARD         4
5 1
1 0 0
9 3 8 5
5 5 0 3 6
4 0 5 1 8
Original 3 1 6 2 9
Try 1 4 5 5 8 0
Try 2 4 5 3 8 0

ARP: $55,380 *WIN*

Bob says, "What a great start for our 26th year!"

On the lead-in to Segment 2, Bob introduces from special guests: Lucy Johnson (Senior VP of Daytime and Children's Programming for CBS at the time), Sid Vinnie (Senior VP for All-American Productions, which produced TPiR at the time), and Marjorie Goodson (daughter of TPiR creator Mark Goodson). Lucy and Marjorie both presented Bob with a donations to the DJ&T Foundation, Bob's charity that funded animal clinics named for his late wife and mother. Sid touted the show's Emmy wins in both the seasons they'd had under AAP's ownership to that point, and was confident of many more.

Second IUFB: Cocktail table (Howard Miller Clock Company Clocktail table; ARP: $1,550) (Janice and Kathleen)

$800 $1
$806 $805 JASON

Jason will play PLINKO!!! (Display presented by Janice, Kathleen has the prizes and presents the chips)

1.5" curling iron and comb combo (Conair) 17 7 $37 $1,000
Faucet-mount water filter (Culligan WaterWare) 89 8 $59 WRONG
CD holder (Case Logic) 26 2 $29 $500
8pc Cookware Set 20 0 $60 $0

Third IUFB: Computer (Compaq Prolinea 575E, 8MB memory, keyboard, mouse, 14" monitor; ARP: $1,696) (Janice)

Before I was writing this, I was watching the Barker Era channel and seeing episodes from 1985 touting PCs with MS-DOS and 256kB memory. IIRC, I didn't have a desktop in my era of recaps with less than 3GB of memory. Another bit of nostalgic whiplash.

$1800 $1801 $12000

Linda is playing Clock Game.

Dresser chest (Vaughn Bassett; ARP: $913) (Chantal): 650 750 950 850 900 920 910 911 912 913 RIGHT :19

Wicker day bed (Largo International Alicia, Loving care mattress set; ARP: $948) (Kathleen): 100 900 950 930 940 941 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 *WIN* :12


Contestant Winnings Spin 1 Spin 2 TOTAL
Jennifer $3,557 95 STAY 95
Jason $3,667 30 90 OVER
Michelle $46,530 35 25 60

Fourth IUFB: Barbecue (Ducane 5004S, with rotisserie attachment; winner gets supply of Wisk Away stain remover; ARP: $1,426) (Kathleen and Chantal)

Chad Debbie Christopher RACHEL WINNER
$475 $699 $901 $900 MICHELLE

Christopher will play Double Prices for a Fleetwood Coleman folding camping trailer. (Ice chest, foldover galley) (Janice)

ARP: $7,195

Fifth IUFB: Sofa (Berkline Semoran; $1,200) (Chantal and Kathleen)

Chad Debbie NORMA Rachel WINNER
$1200 $1201 $1150 $1050 CHAD

Before he revealed the ARP, Bob ribbed the audience for liking Chad's bid, even though Chad had the low bid on the barbecue. Personally, I didn't think he had been that bad to that point.

Chad will play Lucky $even for a 1998 Ford Windstar minivan! (package 470A, rear window defroster, AM/FM/cassette, CA emission) (Janice)

And here's where the fun begins.

Janice drives the van in with the side door open, and it catches a turntable on the way out, getting yanked open and breaking. It causes enough of a ruckus that Rod forgets to read the copy with the features in the prize vehicle. For her part, Janice says the rehearsal was done with the door closed.

CHOICE -- 4 5 5 5  
ARP 2 1 2 6 5 $21,265
MONEY 7 7* 4 3 3 *WIN*

Rod ended up reading the copy when asked during the third digit. Because he forgot during the prize reveal, Bob gave Chad all the money he spent on the second digit back. This could've very easily ended up a TECH WIN if Chad didn't ultimately win it on his own. He ended up keeping $2.

Oh no. Are we really doing this? What did we do before even Mimi's First Four Breakfast Club?

*looks back into his notes* ...surely, Joe had a theme when Bob was the host...

Okay, so it was just the First Four Breakfast Club even before Mimi took it over 10 seasons from now.

Note to self: Take a look in Season 36 and see how Joe handled Mimi's "takeover" of the Club.

I feel like Marty McFly in that one scene in Back to the Future where he mentions he's seen an episode of The Honeymooners that was actually on first run in 1955.


First episode of Season 26, and already we have Debbie inching toward the First Four Breakfast Club. You can't blame her for the $1 outbid on the sofa, but there was little excuse for the one on the computer. Can she acquit herself and avoid being the first inductee of Season 26?

Sixth IUFB: Illuminated globe (20" antique style, solid fruitwood mounting; ARP: $1,800) (Janice)

KAREN Debbie Norma Rachel WINNER
$1600 $800 $1200 $1 KAREN

Debbie heads to the clubhouse, while Karen steps up to play Pick-a-Pair for a spa. (Catalina San Clemente Elite; ARP: $5,995) (Kathleen)

ITEMS Dial Ultra Skin Care body bar soap (2pk) Tootsie Roll Midgees (9.75oz bag) Jolly Time popcorn (resealable bag) Miracle-Gro plant food (15-30-15) Little Debbie SnackSmart low fat Brownie Lights (6pk) On-Cor frozen macaroni and cheese dinner (2lb dual tray)
GUESS 1   $1.29     $1.29


Contestant Winnings Spin 1 Spin 2 TOTAL
Karen $7,795 90 STAY 90
Christopher $8,646 25 45 70
Chad $22,567 90 25 OVER

Karen has the honor...

BID: $31,000 Selection of classic books (Barnes & Noble, 40 titles, all hardcover) (Janice)
Home gym (Schwinn 710S) (Kathleen)
The Kitchen of Doom (Whirlpool; gas range, side-by-side fridge/freezer, dishwasher)
Chevrolet Camaro convertible (3.8l V6, anti-lock brakes, AM/FM/CD, option package 1SF, rear floor mats, body side mouldings, wheel locks, paint sealer) (Chantal)
ARP: $29,672
LOSS $7,795
BID: $12,833 The Dining Room Group of Doom (Carson's of High point, cast aluminum table, 4 chairs, and baker's rack; Royal Doulton Biltmore 64pc dinnerware and stemware set) (Chantal)
Home soda fountain (GA Systems; formica top, comes with syrups and CO2) (Kathleen)
Trip to Denmark (RT Coach for 2 LA to Copenhagen, 6n City Center hotel) (Janice)
ARP: $17,533
DIFF: $4,700
*WIN* $21,090

Show Results: 5 out of 6
Total Winnings: $110,295


Since having my imagination reawakened by discovering the Barker Era channels, I have been eager to do some classic recaps.

While my dream would be to do them in my old style, I know that's not possible without special permissions I will not bother to ask for. So I will do my best to emulate my recap style for pricing games, while keeping with the typical flashback recap format.

Personal annotations will be in quotes.

And just for the record, I'm looking at the built-in preview, and I don't like how messy it looks. We'll see if the final product looks like it does in the actual post. I hope I don't have to go back and clean it up. It's past Midnight, and I'd have to do it tomorrow.

The original recap attempt turned into a dumpster fire, so I have deleted it.

EDIT 2: Minor formatting cleanup
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Re: Recap for September 08, 1997 (0431K, Season Premiere #26)
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2023, 12:47:40 AM »
Ugh, this ended up looking like total dog crap. And then I went to fix it, and the edit timer elapsed.

I'll try again tomorrow.
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Re: Recap for September 08, 1997 (0431K, Season Premiere #26)
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2023, 10:08:42 PM »
I actually built the recap within 90 minutes of posting the last one. Sometimes, I amaze myself.

I figured out that if I want to redo this format for the narrative recaps I did before, I'll need to actually rebuild them. I may just go and delete the links since they don't work anyway.
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Re: Recap for September 08, 1997 (0431K, Season Premiere #26)
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2023, 01:23:33 AM »
I guess it was good to wait a bit before commenting. I liked this format, even though I first started lurking G-R after this format was retired (other than some brief uses by Roadgeek Adam).

What happened before showed me two of the reasons I hadn't gotten into retro recapping for this show, as much as I enjoy watching from the Barker era I had grown up with. I really wish it was possible to relax the editing rules for original posts (except when locked), though I might understand why it's about as strict as everywhere else on the site. :-|
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