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The Nighttime Price is Right (Barker) #300N
« on: March 27, 2023, 09:55:03 PM »
Early today, I posted a recap of the episode #299N, and now, is time to make a recap of the show after that. The last episode of Nighttime PiR. Enjoy this recap!

Show #300N, taped in March 12, 1980.
Kelly Coster, COME ON DOWN! Alda Mitchell, COME ON DOWN! Debra Valentino, COME ON DOWN! And, Kenneth Solberg, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #1: Jasper French-provincial Secretary

Kenneth: $850 | Debra: $675 | Alda: $950 | Kelly: $951


Kenneth: $585 | Debra: $600 | Alda: $500 | Kelly: $625

ARP: $669

Kelly, a beautiful woman from Newport Beach, is going to have a chance to win a new Pontiac LeMans Coupe w/ a supply of DuPont Rain Dance Car Wax (as a bonus), if she did well playing MONEY GAME


First pick: 74 ($)
Second pick: 65 ($)
Third pick: 71 (F)
Fourth pick: 93 (R)

$7,193 LeMans Coupe + $139 in cash

Debra Washburne, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #2: Ducane Double Gas Barbeque Grill w/ supply of Rath Hams

Kenneth: $800 | Debra V.: $750 | Alda: $801 | Debra W.: $780

ARP: $1,024

Alda, a housewife/gospel singer who lives in L.A., is gonna try to win a new Dining Room: Keller's "Coronation" dining room furniture, 100 square yards of Galaxy's "Touch of Velvet" carpeting, Black & Decker cordless handheld vaccum and a Roper Microwave Range, all worth $3,600! And she's only gonna win, if the "Yodely Guy" stays alive on the mountain, on this playing of CLIFF HANGERS

The three items are:
"First Alert" Smoke Detector by Pittway
"Tru-Test" Waffler/Grill by True Value Hardware Stores
4 sets of St. Mary's Towels

Detector -> Guess: $29 | Steps taken: 11 | Actual Price: $40
Waffler -> Guess: $42 | Steps taken: 13 (stops at 24) | Actual Price: $29
Towels -> Guess: $40 | Steps taken: 1... And off the mountain he goes! | Actual Price: $32

Karen Mastershelley, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #3: Bureau Clock by Redwood Forest Design

Kenneth: $875 | Debra V.: $876 | Karen: $750 | Debra W.: $850

ARP: $760

Karen which asked to Bob for give him a kiss, and she gave, can win a new Sea Spray 15' Catamaran w/ Trailer by Hot Stuf Sailboats and a new 3-wheel Electric Vehicle by Roadrunner Galaxie, if she put the 1 RIGHT PRICE into the right prize.

Price: $3,595

She picks the electric car.

Electric Car: $3,595
Catamaran: $2,795

Top Winner: Kelly | Runner Up: Karen

Showcase #1:
Living Room Set from the "Madura Collection" by O'Asian Designs
Story & Clark Console Piano
Muntz Projection TV
Zinman Pastel Mink Coat by the "Gail Robbins Collection"
Diamond Ring by Zales Jewelry

Kelly keeps the showcase and bids $20,000

Trip to London (RT jet coach for 2 to London; 4-night stay w/ deluxe hotel accomodations, continental breakfast and tour of Kensington Gardens)
2 Tickets for a BBC TV broadcast
Trip to Milan (From London to Milan; 4-night stay w/ deluxe hotel accommodations and continental breakfast)
2 Tickets for an opera concert
Trip to Tokyo (From Milan to Tokyo; 4-night stay w/ deluxe hotel accommodations and continental breakfast; all trips are from Club Universe)
2 Tickets for a baseball game
Craig "M-100" Language Translator
2 Tickets for a game of the Anaheim Rams
Pontiac Trans Am

Karen bids $13,700

Karen bids $13,700 | ARP is $16,318 | difference of $2,618
Kelly bids $20,000 | ARP is $11,853 | OVER

Karen won a total of $23,468!

Contestants not appeared on stage is gonna receive: a Toastmaster Convection Oven, a supply of Hyponex Plant Care and Plant Food Products and a supply of Snowy Bleach by The Gold Seal Company
Pricing Games: 2 of 3
Total Winnings: $32,562
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Re: The Nighttime Price is Right (Barker) #300N
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2023, 10:46:47 AM »
Great episode once again, one that I've seen a number of times.

I don't know if the 20-30-40 secret strategy for Cliffhangers was in use at this point, but it wouldn't have worked on this episode's playing. Consider:

$20 guess on a $40 prize 20 steps.
$30 guess on a $29 prize 1 step, stop at 21.
$40 guess on a $32 prize 8 steps and a loss.

As it was, Debra had some good fortune on her guess for the smoke alarm, but her guess on the second item (the waffler) basically was the game. She played well, but this was in essence a tough playing.