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NBA Playoffs 2023.

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Since we had a NHL Playoffs thread, we haven't had one for NBA Playoffs, so I'll start things off.

Golden State drops game 1 to the Sacramento Kings on Saturday.

The KD experiment seems to have failed for my Phoenix Suns as the Clippers beat us in game behind Kawhi's 38 despite Westbrick's 3 for 19 night.

If I were to pick a team to win the whole thing this year I'll go with the Boston Celtics. Tatum/Brown/Smart are highly motivated after coming up just short last year and they're playing really good basketball right now so I'll go with the Boston Celtics to win it all.

Well, Brooklyn has become the first team and the 15th franchise booted from the NBA 2022-2023 season, courtesy of an Embiid-less Sixers team & a 4-game sweep (first one in 32 years).

Super early for writing off Phoenix!  To be fair, Iíd be critical/concerned too if I were a fan.  However, Game One was the Suns only loss with KD in the lineup I think.  The 2021 West Champs have a chance to go up 3-1, but thatís a little easier said than done with the game in LA.

Denver has a chance to close things out on Sunday.  Boston does not, but they can get to a 3-1 with a road win against Atlanta.  They might need to in order to prevent Philadelphia from enjoying a huge break due to rest.  OTOH, that rest could lead to rust at the right time

YES!!! My Phoenix Suns take a 3-1 lead over the Clippers as KD gave us 31, Book gave us 30, and CP3 gave us 19 with 9 assists and several clutch shots in a 112-100 win. Let's close this series out on Tuesday baby! :)

What really sucks about the KD trade though is giving up FOUR future 1st round draft picks.

Survival at its finest for Golden State!  The reigning champions so could not afford to go down 3-1; nonetheless it'll be anything but easy to steal a road game, and I don't know if I see it.

Meanwhile, the Lakers get another win, and New York take a commanding 3-1 lead against Cleveland, which is pretty much a big deal.  Not too sure they'll be able to win another game in Cleveland, if they struggle a little, but that may not be necessary (or even a scenario in this postseaon)


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