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NBA Playoffs 2023.

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I think Murray has done (more than) enough to fill the role of Denver's second best player.  That being said, everyone on the Nuggets has stepped up in this series.  ITA about the team effort for the West Champions.  It's to the point where Jokic made everyone better without even needing to be on the floor.

If I had to bet, I too think things end on Monday, but I can also see Miami winning since, unlike someone else in their conference, they're playing until it's over.  If they win Game 5, it'll be due to them having to "empty the tank" to survive.  At which point, they'll lose 4-2, and at home in Game six as they'll have nothing left.  The Heat are talented, but not on a level of the 2016 Cavs.  It is a fair point that they played a ton more games than Denver, but it's also a fair point that the Nuggets are much, much better.  Even if Herro & Oladipo were available.  TBH, I can't wait to see the reasoning on the former; I would've just said day-to-day from the start

“Welcome to the game where knowledge is king and Lady Luck is queen! It’s


Joker indeed led the way again with 28 points and 16 boards.

Congratulations to the 2023 NBA Champion Denver Nuggets. It's the Nuggets 1st ever NBA Championship.


Pretty good series despite the rout of the Finals.  4-1 is typically anything other than a "good series" in sports.  However, and IMO, Miami played to win & never gave up, and had their chances despite being up against it.  Denver was just that much better.

Happy for Denver, and sad for Miami.  The fact that Miami played more games is a factor, as mentioned, but so is the fact that Denver was just better & deeper.  History is official tonight!

First bit of post-season news: the Raptors have officially introduced Darko Rajaković as their new head coach today


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