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GRECO!5 Week 22: 5/8 to 5/12

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This playing will presumably cover 0231-0235L in production order, but there are no guarantees.

There are no spoiled games.

The PATTERN was drawn randomly in Discord with my bot, with the result public to see for everyone. The CHECKMARK will be the PATTERN for this playing.

Good luck!

12: Gas Money, Plinko
11: Any Number, Do the Math, Gridlock!, Hi Lo, One Away, Punch a Bunch, Safe Crackers
10: Push Over
9: Coming or Going, Cover Up, Lucky $even, Pick-a-Pair, Switcheroo
8: Bargain Game, Grand Game, One Wrøng Price, Shell Game, Squeeze Play, Switch?
7: More or Less
6: Back to '73
5: Check Game, Let 'em Roll, Money Game
4: 1 Right Price, Check-Out, Most Expen$ive, Secret "X", Side By Side, That's Too Much!
3: 5 Price Tags, Double Prices, Flip Flop, Freeze Frame, Pick-a-Number, Swap Meet, To The Penny
2: Bonkers, Danger Price, Dice Game, Eazy az 1 2 3, Grocery Game, Line em Up, Pathfinder
1: Balance Game, Bonus Game, Pass the Buck, Pay the Rent, Pocket ¢hange, Race Game, Range Game, Take Two, Triple Play

Decent start for most... car games were super troll today.

Where be H-L? (Fixed one card as well). Wasn't expecting a GRECO already, nice job.

I felt the 4P on 2 weeks coming... wrong one. Arrgh. And as far as regular SPs, Back gets first blood.

EDIT: Love the snake GRECO graphic!


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