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FPG 5/5/23 - RESULTS
« on: May 07, 2023, 04:39:16 PM »
This played out similarly to last week where the first 3/4 played out fairly standard and then there were a couple curveballs towards the end. Although, this felt more like a classic lineup with Bag 2nd (even though we already had 2 first half cashers) and the old standard of quickie/fee/common car. Not a bad lineup at all, though not getting Any hurt most of the participants. Here's the rundown:

Flip Flop - 7 picks. I nailed it while FJB maxed out and earned 4x PA. Flerb also earns 2x PA.
It's in the Bag - 6 picks. FJB also nailed this. I, 04, and Hag gained 2x PA.
Card Game - 4 picks. 10K goes to me, Punchy, Wayo and Kev. Wayo and Kev nailed it.
Most Expen$ive - 7 picks. Punchy and Fjb both had it 4th, but for a win. Wayo and Kev get 1x PA, Punchy 2x.
Cliff Hangers - Punchy was the only pick here and earned 50K along with 2/4.
Dice Game - 3 picks. FJB, 04 and Punchy each earn 15K.

Cliff and Dice may have shown up a little sooner than expected, but everyone scored and our top 4 all had 4 games picked. The 1-2 punch of Flip/Bag was not only enough to get FJB the win, but also runner runner and no one was able to catch him with 11/52. I had all the results right, but after Flip I couldn't get the slotting down. Still, it was good enough for 2nd place with 10/38. Wayo also had 38 CP with 9 MP thanks to Card among other things, he gets bronze.

Come back next time as we continue our journey to playoffs. See you then!