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Am surprised given how many game shows are talked about in OILF, nobody has brought this up, lol.

Just watched the first two episodes of "The Game Show Show" on Hulu the other day (started airing on ABC on 5/10/23). A 4-part television documentary about the history of iconic game shows, their hosts, the stories of how these shows came about or the people involved with the creation of them. While the episodes jump around quite a bit, they do put a focus on a few well-known shows, and includes recent interviews with all sorts of current and former gameshow hosts, models, producers, creators, etc.

The first episode focused primarily on Quiz Shows - the Twenty-One scandal in the 50's, Jeopardy, and Who Want's To Be A Millionaire? The second episode focused primarily on shows with Big Prizes and Cash - Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, Match Game, Family Feud, Let's Make a Deal, and Deal or No Deal. This is just naming a few, as a bunch of other shows from the Merv Griffin / Goodson-Todman days are also mentioned - some of which I had never even heard of till now! Learned a few new things I didn't about some of the well-known shows too.

Already looking forward to the next two episodes on the 24th and 30th of this month. Anyone else watching?

I've been watching it, it's simply fascinating. Nice to see the genre finally get some love and attention it deserves.

Listening to Mark Goodson's comments regarding women on game shows, however, makes me lose that much more respect for him and Bob Barker both.


--- Quote from: therealcu2010 on May 19, 2023, 01:46:16 PM ---Listening to Mark Goodson's comments regarding women on game shows, however, makes me lose that much more respect for him and Bob Barker both.

--- End quote ---

I admittedly haven't heard said comments, but I can make an educated guess as to their nature, and I have to ask: are they really that much worse than the prevailing cultural norms of the time? I'm not saying Goodson was right to have those opinions, but it seems a bit unfair to judge a guy who was a product of the era he grew up in by the societal values of today, 30+ years after he died.

And in many ways, the women of game shows have gotten a last laugh over the cultural norms of the past today, given how all of us now consider Vanna, Carol Merrill, Elaine Stewart, Summer Bartholomew, Betty White, and the others that have graced the screens--including of course the Dian-Janice-Holly triumvirate, even if it appears they all wanted to strangle each other much of the time once the cameras powered down--indispensable parts of the programs they were on, as indeed they were. 

As far as the Price portion went, I appreciated the good coverage of the Bill Cullen days and that they touched on the Barker scandals to provide a full picture. I got a new forum signature out of an interview. I was surprised they went back to the Ted Slauson incident and that Drew added commentary on it.

There were some areas that they fell a bit short. I would have mentioned the evolution of the half hour era into the full hour with the introduction of the wheel. They might handle this in a future episode across all shows, but not mentioning the announcers through the years was a gap.

Finally, I thought they miscategorized the relationship between the show and models. They missed the early days with the "model chats" and that the viewers were able to connect strongly with them. Having Claudia Jordan speak for how things started was a mistake, it was only after the lawsuits that they were forced into silence and just there for decoration.


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