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I've been watching and enjoying the show as well.  It was good to see Bob Stewart get mentioned as Price's creator, and to see clips of him talking about it. I watched his Archive of American Television interview a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I wish they went into a bit more detail on Wheel's history, seeing as how they just skipped over the Chuck and Susan years and didn't mention or show them at all.  Wayne and Drew's explanations of their respective shows were great too, comparing them to going on a journey.  To me, outside of the first season, Wayne's LMAD has been good pretty much the whole time it's been on.

On the model issue, I wish that one of the current models like James or Rachel were interviewed to provide a contrast to what went on during Bob's last years with how it is today.  Overall, I'm enjoying it and I'm looking forward to the last two episodes.

GRWHAMMY the 2nd:
about how the classic clips were sourced from YT uploads: its not the first time

that Millionaire retrospective near the time the news of the Kimmel reboot was catching on also did this (for at least the clips from the syndicated run)


--- Quote from: therealcu2010 on May 19, 2023, 01:46:16 PM ---Listening to Mark Goodson's comments regarding women on game shows, however, makes me lose that much more respect for him and Bob Barker both.

--- End quote ---

Betty White's reaction to that pretty much matched mine. It's not news in Barker's case, but to hear Goodson making those comments was really off-putting. Yes, the television audience was much different at the time, but there's no excuse for what he said.

Game Girl:
Game show show. this is on episode 2. they did a nice price is right section here. it was a decent overview of both shows even if obviously rushed. they even bothered to cover the original version. The wheel of fortune was nice too. that was probably not the best clip of him doing his weather man job being there was little weather being discussed. I would say in discussion of pat being chosen. during lost and found i did think pat looks like a young version of Merv Griffin to the point of being slightly distracted and warranting a second watch on the DVR. A part of me wondered if it was even possibly a unconscious point in the decision making (in a I myself in him way.) but pure speculation on my point. some of the stuff was standard in the wheel of fortune one but it has a great amount of footage. I agree with NewsDirector3287 it would been cool to have more of the previous hosts.

the episode today went through weirdly enough or the game shows a lead me to the price is right. because if it was not for both deal or no deal (I even had one of the home games for that one with 'flashcard' cases.) and let's make a deal (my mom thought let's make a deal was deal or no deal when she turned it on when I was sick.) basically I probably would not have seen the price is right if not for deal or a no deal. (I honestly until Pluto's deal no deal channel confirm they were two separate shows and wondered why did the name two shows exactly the same, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.) Anyhow it was nice seeing all the scenes. The show was almost perfect episodes except the ending with Dragon's den us version. always good to hear from Adam nedeff. The woman segment is some thing I am going to avoid commenting on. i am just going to say I enjoyed Arlene Francis when they were showing her episodes on buzzer 1950s price is right, she definitely does not get the praise she deserves. (from what I can tell but maybe that is because of Betty's recent death).

I love how they also think 'the database' is a green numbered terminal background vintage computer looking things. it almost looks like the 90s Computer game price is right the early 90s game that is infamous.

--- Quote from: GRWHAMMY the 2nd on May 21, 2023, 06:32:53 PM ---about how the classic clips were sourced from YT uploads: its not the first time

that Millionaire retrospective near the time the news of the Kimmel reboot was catching on also did this (for at least the clips from the syndicated run)

--- End quote ---

biggest question of the night. why in the world did they have to use a logo thing from Game Show Network for one of the frames involving safe crackers. did they not have access to the episode from the vault because the rest of the episodes in this segment do not have TV logos (I mean these are not logos from first run broadcast or wiped episodes in this case, which I would understand the desperateness of using a logo broadcast broadcast). when I wrote this post 3 weeks ago (but got bogged down with Jeopardy masters delaying the post.) I gave benefit of the doubt on the possibility it was to show how long-lasting it was in that it had reruns in a way that will go over almost everyone's head. but this trend seems to continue in the future episode but thank goodness someone told them you are supposed to blur the logos.

Just a bit much Barris, but a good series nevertheless


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