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TGC DAY #1---ENTRIES MISSING--as of 1000am est Fri morn

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OOPS!  pathfinder2119, I now just realized that you too have not yet been received.  Where are you?

Say Goodbye to Ben, BonusShell and pathfinder2119.  They must have overslept their wake up calls and alarm clocks and "The Daughter".  Locked out they are, hmmmmm?

Here's what ya'll picked:

   PICK FREQUENCY             Plinko      20       Money Game      11       Balance Game      10       Hi-Lo      10       One Right Price      10       Card Game      9       Now or Then      9       Cover Up      7       Swap Meet      6       Ten Chances      6       Lucky 7      4       Side By Side      4       Easy as 1-2-3      3       Range Game      3       ?Switch      2       Any Number      2       One Away      2       Bonus Game      1       Clock Game      1       Grand Game      1       Line 'em Up      1       One Wrong Price      1       Pick-A-Pair      1       Three Strikes      1       Two for the Price of One      1   

Very interesting these picks are, young Jedis!

I had no idea picks could be jedis, Yoda-san.

I think he left a comma out. Maybe it's supposed to read "Very interesting these picks are, young Jedis!" He's trying to talk like Yoda.

*Bangs head on the table for only realizing now that Money Game hasn't been played this week yet*

If Plinko is played today, I am screwed to the wall.  If it isn't, I have it made in the shade.


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