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2023 College Football Season

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I can't believe the collegiate football season is almost here.  Basically the final one before a new-look college football era hits the arenas and the tube.  Save for any Week Zero action, the games get going one month from this past Monday, 30 days from yesterday as of this post, and, as of this post, one week from tomorrow.

In other words, 29 days from today or August 31.  There's so much to preview & link to that I might have to wait until the second post or my second post here as it's a lot.

This is the final year for the SEC on CBS after a run that sorta...well, it started at least a minute ago.  It's all about the Big 10 on that network, which actually gets going in a way this year, which is great.  Plus, some NBC action for the B1G.  Notre Dame isn't going anywhere, at least in 2023.

FOX CFB will still be tremendous, and ESPN will still be king in a way.  The New Year's SIX is still there for a tenth year, including the Rose & Sugar Bowl which will feature winners of those games battling it out sometime early in January for the National Championship.  After championship expansion happened nearly a decade ago (albeit 4 teams), we're getting more (teams).  This is the 10th and final year of a CFB Final 4.

Georgia begins its title defense against the Skyhawks, I believe.  So I guess their season gets started a week later than most, or two, maybe.  I think a three-peat is possible, but this is the time of times where LSU is that team that probably is the team to beat

Georgia does start off against the UT-Martin Skyhawks. Oddsmakers and sports pundits say the Dawgs will three-peat as National champs given how easy their schedule is presumed to be. Carson Beck is their go-to guy at QB; he'll need the protection and it's his first full year as a starter. Not gonna call it, but a gut feeling says a couple of games could give them fits. Could be wrong (won't be the first time and certainly won't be the last). LSU is said to be a valid contender with Jayden Daniels calling the signals.

Elsewhere, Florida State is exploring leaving the ACC. Revenue distribution is cited as the reason and FSU trustees think it will happen.

Week 1 is in full force and the biggest game is Sunday night's LSU/Florida State tilt. Tigers are a 2.5 point pick. Jayden Daniels vs. Jordan Travis should be a terrific matchup.

The ACC grows to 18 teams with the addition of Stanford, California (both previously with the PAC-12) and SMU (previously with the AAC). SMU will see no media rights revenue the first nine years while Stanford and Cal will see a reduced take. The additions will be affected next year.

We've reached the point where 1984's Georgia and Oklahoma Vs. NCAA's Board of Regents Supreme Court decision may need to be legally reevaluated, as it's increasingly causing more harm than good--when the lawyer who won the case now says he regrets it, that's a clear sign that something's wrong.  It wouldn't necessarily need to be directly overturned as I see it as much as reworked--allow the schools and conferences to retain the right to seek deals for television, but would henceforth have to negotiate with the networks via a third party organization and guarantee that whatever money they would get would go for actual academic purposes.  In turn, they'd relinquish the decisions on conference makeups to a neutral party who'd in theory draw it up as impartially as possible.  The problem, though, is whether everyone's now too consumed with greed to listen to any reason. 

Picks Time!  Tennessee, Michigan, Oklahoma, TCU, Iowa, Ole Miss, Oregon, Washington, OSU, Texas, ND, Wisconsin, Georgia, USC, Texas A&M, Penn State, Alabama, LSU, North Carolina, Clemson.   ETA: I have Indiana, Utah State, and Duke covering

O/U info: I'll go over for Ohio State/Indiana Penn State/West Virginia, Georgia/Whomever, and FSU/LSU.  Under for the games featuring Tennessee, TCU, Notre Dame, Clemson, and the Carolinas.  Not sure the total for ND and UGA might be (55.5 and 56.5 respectively)

Conference Champions

ACC: Clemson
Big Ten: Michigan
Big XII: Texas
Pac-12: USC

CFB Playoff: LSU, Michigan, Clemson, USC
LSU over USC, Michigan over Clemson
LSU over Michigan


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