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New Pricing Game idea: Professor Price! The return…


That’s right he’s back!  Professor Price has returned in a new exciting game!
Door number two opens to reveal a trip to Hawaii & a beautiful set of luggage.  On the corner of the door is a fortunetelling machine with Professor Price inside & a table with 3 grocery products. The contestant is given a coin that activates Professor Price, & he gives them a clue. “Pick the product that is more than $5.35.” The contestant guesses, & wins a coin. “Pick the product that is less than $3.45.” The contestant receives another coin.  The coin is inserted in the box in slot 1,2, or slot 3 & the professor reads the corresponding fortune… “with this fortune you have won the luggage “… they enter the second fortune & win the trip… the third fortune is a cash prize of $500.  The get 2 fortunes max & are guaranteed to win something.  If the contestant does not win any coins the contestant loses the game.

This makes me think of a combination of Fortune Hunter and Master Key more than Professor Price.

Why can’t the contestant just use the free coin at the beginning of the game to select a prize instead of using it for the professor?

I wonder if it would be any idea to have Professor Price be a live person instead of a robot, and have him ask the questions?  The questions could all be money-related, like for instance, did the U.S. ever make a half-cent coin?  (Answer: yes.)  And the Professor could be played by a different person each time, perhaps a celebrity making a cameo appearance.


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