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Wheel of Fortune Season 41 (and Celebrity S4) Discussion Thread

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Only two more weeks until the 41st season of Wheel of Fortune begins! It's going to be hard to top the last two seasons (S39 with its $100,000 wins and the return of Changing Keys, S40 with XL and some new theme weeks).

Celebrity Wheel could be a different story this time. It is also expected to start soon, though the WGA strike may affect the schedule. Tape dates and any cancellations are being posted on Buy A Vowel.

Of course we know, Pat Sajak will be retiring from the show after this season. Another thing to note is that the 7th episode of the season will mark 40 years since nighttime Wheel's debut! It's also 40 years since the introduction of the famous $5,000 space.

As usual, I'm hoping for something great to happen this season!

Two weeks for the civilian version to start?   Wow.  This was that fast man!

I heard that $40,000 is the mainstay minimum now?

^Yes, $40,000 is the minimum cash amount now. They're no longer doing the minimum matches the season number thing.

That's for the best since that was a pointless waste.

The start of Season 41, and the puzzles in this maingame were very hard!   Even some of the popular letters were duds in several of these puzzles!


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