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Let's Make A Deal Primetime Schedule

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This is just a reminder that LMAD Primetime will have new episodes this Friday, the 10th and the 17th at 8:00. In addition, due to Loteria Loca being pulled by CBS, episodes of Deal will also air on the 20th and 27th during the 9:00 hour.

LMaD's casting team just announced they're taping 5 new primetime specials THIS WEEK. They seem to be rushing production on them thanks to Loteria being pulled.

For CBS, that rush beats overdoing the reruns. Sure, theyíre blasting NCIS for two full Monday nights, but thatís their big procedural franchise and thereís a point to it as a launchpad for the Sydney version.

It sounds optimistic the SAG strike is nearing an end soon. Weíre heading into a holiday period when production would be disrupted under normal circumstances anyway, so realistically itís still going to take a bit for the shows to actually get back on the air.

They took a swing on that show and it didnít really work out. People can debate Monday Night Football on ABC, but shows still need to be aired. ABC had it for many years and the other networks had to counter. You arenít going to beat them, usually. But you need filler (just like Celebrity Jeopardy and Wheel were filler in the 2022-2023 season on Sunday nights against Sunday Night Football).

AndÖMNF airs live in the west, which means there is not a head to head competition in a significant swath of the country.

Looks like Ultimate Zonk Redemption will be apart of this batch coming up, likely next Monday.

Related (sort of): LMAD host Wayne Brady was involved in a traffic accident in Los Angeles recently. A drunk driver hit his car on Pacific Coast Highway (Wayne was not injured), and it led to heated verbal confrontation between him and the driver, who was arrested for DUI and reckless driving.


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