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FPG 11/3/23 - RESULTS
« on: November 06, 2023, 01:36:09 PM »
For our first outing, this was kinda rough. It's tough to figure out what exactly they have in mind when making these lineups. Are they considering games that make sense in the rotation or is it more what was played earlier in the batch that would be sensible together?

It was a little bit of both today; most of you correctly sussed that we would get a new to season game today. Danger was the right call, though unfortunately it was not Time for Time yet. While Plinko is Plinko, it was a lot of SP/cash together and it threw a wrench into a ton of lineups. Even if you didn't fall into the Time trap, Buck was not due at all on one week and felt like a "we could fit one more playing of that this batch" playing.

Bargain has taken its time this season, but Math also skipped last week, so that was a tossup (even if Bargain might have been useful in GRECO). Bonkers kinda came out of nowhere, and Dice is always hard to pin down. Here's the specifics:

Dice Game - 4 picks. JJ, Wayo, dprice, and Pikachu gain 10K. Pikachu had the only 4 MP bonus of the day, while dprice gained 1x PA.
Danger Price - 9 picks, one of the most picked games. no one had it second.
Plinko - JJ was the lone pick, good for 50K and 2/4.
Bonkers - SANDBAG.
Do the Math - 4 picks. Wayo, Kev, 04 and I get 10K each. 04 and Kev had it 5th, I had it for a loss, no one had both. Wayo gets 1x PA, 04 2x.
Pass the Buck - Pikachu knew. He also gains 50K and 2/2.

Pikachu's 4/12 would've already gotten him the podium, but that gutsy Buck pick worked out and he gets the gold with 6/14. JJ's 3 games in the first half was all he needed to get 2nd place, with the highest CP of the day at 5/18. 04 gets the bronze based mostly on confidence, he scored 4/12.

Thank you to everyone who played, hopefully we've gotten some knowledge under our belt and next week will go more swimmingly. Can't make any promises on that front, but hopefully we'll all be ready for Veteran's Day (assuming we don't get spoiled out by then). See you then!
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