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FPG 11/10/23 - Vets Giving a Clinic Edition
« on: November 09, 2023, 10:12:36 AM »
Happy Veterans Day everyone, that day when we honor all those who have fought for their country, now or then. Price has got a special dedicated to them Friday, and we do have a promo for it that spoils one game. That game will be mentioned below; keep in mind that when you put it down, it needs a CP of 1. Other than that, I salute you all who are playing, and let's see if we can get these vets some big bucks.


SPOILERS: We've got one game in Grand Game.

THIS WEEK'S LINEUPS (highlight to view):
11/6/2023 (Monday- 0361L) Tempt/Squeeze/Back/TTM/Bargain/Pair
10/7/2023 (Tuesday - 0362L) Safe/Money/Half/Push/Hole/1WP
11/8/2023 (Wednesday - 0363L) Bonus/1RP/Gas/Time/Cover/CoG
11/9/2023 (Thursday - 0364L) DP/Bee/Swap/Range/Vend/Pocket
11/10/2023 (Friday - 0365L) Get ready to take flight.
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