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FPG 11/10/23 - RESULTS
« on: November 12, 2023, 10:48:33 PM »
Having Grand seemed to get people on the right track for what to make of this lineup, but there were still some swerves in regard to what got played. The biggest surprise was going Math in favor of any of the 3Ps, though L7 as the other car game also didn't help. Don't have much more to say, so onto the rundown:

Grand Game - SPOILED. Everyone picked it. 9 people nailed it, 7 of them also had it as their PA for 4x. gamesurf earned 2x PA.
Do the Math - Hag was the only one who picked it, and he gets 50K along with 1x PA.
Lucky $even - 04 and dprice each earned 25K for themselves.
Flip Flop - 7 picks. Kev, 04, and 22FJB all nailed it.
Cliff Hangers - 9 picks. dprice and JJ both had it for 2x PA. 22FJB, Flerb, 04, gamesurf, and I all nailed it.
Any Number - 9 picks. Kev gets 2x PA. I nailed it.

Very rare to see everyone's PA picks work out, I don't know if that's actually happened in my run before. Very contentious at the top, I barely sneak past 22FJB with my 14/52 and that got me the win. 22FJB was just behind with 14/50. 04 also put up a very impressive 13/50 to round out our top 3.

Come back next week for a 3rd show week, let's see how well you can all suss things out then. Ta-ta for now!